My Trip To Queen Elizabeth Park

One of the nicer in-city parks we have here in Vancouver is Queen Elizabeth Park, on Little Mountain, which I’m pretty sure is considered to be in the Kitsilano neighborhood. I’ve been meaning to take a walk up there to get some pictures to show you of the wonderful gardens they have, and the amazing views of the city that are one of the main reasons folks get up that way. Sitting right at the top of Little Mountain, the Bloedel Conservatory (the MAIN reason people visit) is a world-class tourist attraction, housing all kinds of tropical plants and birds, and just looking kind of awesome as it claims the highest spot in the entire city. I didn’t get inside the Conservatory on this trip, but I did walk through a few of the gardens, and I think I got some decent shots of those and of the city view.

Today I just have time to put up a couple pictures I took along the way while I was walking, and in the next posting I’ll make up a larger gallery of the park itself (now that I’ve done all the intro and I can just focus on getting those pictures out). So for today, it’s just these few, and I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe, and we’ll see you soon.


The Benefits of City Green-Spaces

As I was out walking the other day, the distance and the heat, and perhaps this upwardly-creeping age of mine, all combined to produce one tuckered out little amateur photographer/blogger. As it so happened, being out in the city’s West End, I was quite close to one of the many little green-spaces that have been carved out of this concrete jungle, where tired people such as I was at that moment, can always find a moments respite from the heat of the day, or the problem’s the day may contain. So sitting down on a bench, I decided I might just as well do up a little YouTube video, and see if I might come up with anything worth sharing with anyone. Six minutes or so later, I had accomplished my mission, and as for the quality of the thing, well that’s up to the viewers to decide. The video itself, turned out something like this.

As promised in the video, down below are just a couple still photos to give you an idea of the relative size of the area taken up by this particular park/greenspace. I’ve still kept the shots pretty generalized, and vague, because the number of children running around (many of them somewhat unsupervised) is quite high, and as I said earlier, I really don’t want any parents getting nervous about “that man taking pictures of our kids“. I think it is really sad that our world has reached such a point of suspicion and distrust, but the facts are the facts, and they have to be respected.

Even in the face of this type of sadness, however, I remain extremely glad that these areas are available throughout the city. And I really do think that aside from providing the children and their parents with a place to play without having to travel too far, they also serve another very important purpose by giving some of the elderly people who no longer have families of their own, a wonderful opportunity to sit and  enjoy the nice summer weather, while at the same time hearing the pleasant sounds of family in close proximity. I’m no psychiatrist, but I can’t help thinking that for many of these lonely people, many of them entirely on their own in their twilight years, those sounds could be absolutely therapeutic.

As for myself, as much as I enjoy the sounds of children playing, today I also needed a place just to rest for a few minutes. So I hope you enjoyed the video, and I hope you are having a great summer. Take care, stay healthy, and stay safe. See you soon.

Green-Space At Richards and Helmicken In Vancouver's West End
Green-Space At Richards and Helmicken In Vancouver’s West End
One Giant Back-Yard In Common For A "Family" Of Thousands
One Giant Back-Yard In Common For A “Family” Of Thousands
Walking Paths And Running Areas In Vancouver's West End
Walking Paths And Running Areas In Vancouver’s West End


A Crab Park Mosaic

Well, the other day when I posted my Blog from Crab Park, I mentioned I might add a few pictures of the location at the bottom of the video. After I got home and looked at the length of that video, however, I decided to postpone those additional pictures for another time. So I guess that time has arrived, and down below I’ve included a Mosaic of several pictures I took around the park, and flanked the group of pictures with a couple of my favorite shots of Canada Place that I took one evening from the roof of my building. I hope you find something there you can enjoy, and even as our weather is turning nice once again just in time for the week-end, I hope yours is doing the same. However it turns out though, have a great week-end, stay healthy, stay safe, and most of all, as crazy as this world may seem at times, remember that it is the only world we have to share between us, and in the end, it’s not really that bad a place if we’re willing to see the good it contains. Unless God has other plans for me, we’ll see you all next week.




Regulating Freedoms In The Modern World

Well, I said a while back that I would be making a few changes in this, my third year with WordPress, and I even mentioned that I would be possibly making and showing a few more YouTube-type videos. The one I accidentally showed the other day (actually planning merely to leave you a link) wasn’t one of mine. The one I have for you today, however, is, and it also fits right in with the last two postings that I’ve left you since it highlights what appears to be the next step in the establishment’s plan to control everything the average American sees or hears each day in the way of news. The beautiful irony of it all is that I’m going to use a YouTube video to show you how YouTube itself has been selected as the next weapon-of-choice, in the battle to destroy your ability to learn about the news, BEFORE it’s been doctored and enhanced by those who wish to deceive you.

Now after considering the length of that piece, which I hadn’t really noticed while I was filming it, I think I’ll save the additional pictures for another time. If there is actually anyone still here after all that, then I think the nicest thing I could do for you is put a couple nice restful tunes for you to pick from, thank you for your tremendous patience, and stick-to-it-ness, wish you a great week, and say goodnight. Stay healthy. Stay safe.


An Addendum

I just wanted to add a little addendum to my previous article about Dr. Jill Stein. I mentioned yesterday that I was worried you might think I had become a conspiracy fan, and I assured you I hadn’t. Well, since then, I learned that a few days before my post even, Dr.Stein was allowed the privilege of being interviewed on PBS. Now even though PBS, as we all know, stands for Public Broadcasting Station, this is not entirely the case anymore, since like almost everything else these days, even PBS takes some Federal funds. When I researched it, I discovered it was a seemingly smaller amount (18% of the current operating budget), but that things were run so tightly, that that smaller amount was still a CRITICAL amount, and apparently the PBS was under constant threat of defunding, if their Federal partners felt they weren’t having enough input into things.

In any case Jill, of course, gratefully accepted the opportunity to be interviewed, and the interview was also live-streamed on a You-Tube channel that some people got to see. The Interviewer’s last question to Jill is an attempt to put her on the spot by pointing out that Dr. Stein has said in the past that neither Donald Trump, nor Hillary Clinton would make a great President, The reporter then says something to the effect of, “So are you saying that Hillary Clinton is every bit as terrible a person as Donald Trump is?”

When Dr. Stein answers, she gives a very articulate reply, beginning with, “I wouldn’t say they’re the same, but the differences aren’t enough to save your job…” She then goes on to explain that with Hillary’s pick of Ken Salazar as her Transitional Chief, and his love of fracking and the TPP, she now has just as many problems with Hillary as with Trump. She goes into detail on these important points about where Hillary has already done a complete 180 on what she promised Senator Sanders, and his followers, when she was trying to swing them to her cause. And she’s not even in office yet. And this is where we get back to what I was saying yesterday.

When PBS put this same interview up on the main channels later, where it would get it’s main viewership, they had cut everything Dr. Stein said that was negative about Hillary, and it was done smoothly enough that no one would notice the cut. Unfortunately for them, one thoughtful young man who had caught the live version, and taped it, published it on his Facebook feed in it’s original form, with all the parts that they cut out in the censored version added as sub-titles in red so everyone could see exactly what the Hillary camp wanted hidden. His copy of it went viral (and this is exactly what I meant yesterday when I said Hillary has the backing of the major corporations as well as the media) until Facebook took it down with no explanation. (I believe they did eventually put it back up, but by then they would have accomplished what they were after…breaking the video’s momentum.)

So I really do hope you people see that your Democracy is truly under attack. It’s bad enough when the 2 major Parties won’t allow anyone to raise a voice against them, but when they also control so much of the media you rely on for your information, then that’s probably more of a reason to be fearful then any of the nonsense you read about in the papers. I remember after I watched Tienanmen Square take place on the Internet. I had Chinese friends here in Vancouver who were so flustered because they could not convince their relatives who lived in China that it had actually happened. Those people thought it was just something the West made up to make them look bad. After all, their State-run Press told them it never happened, and so did their nightly news, and their government-controlled Internet.

If you would like to see how it’s done for yourself, the following link will take you to The Jimmy Dore Show, to the segment he did where I heard about this. Jimmy’s a great guy, with a great show. He might shock the local Preacher once or twice, but  you can trust what he says.

Boy do I feel like an idiot, I write that whole article thinking I’m just going to give you a link at the end of it, and here it automatically brings the whole thing here on it’s own. I don’t even know how my own site works any more. Seriously Jimmy, I didn’t try to steal anything, when did links start doing this? I give up. Sue me Mr. Dore (but I have no money, just good looks).


The Most Frightening Woman In The World

I read a Reuters article today that gave me pause. Even though I’m Canadian, I’ve been following the American Presidential Election Cycle this past year with all its ups and downs, ins and outs, coverups and exposes’. Thus the article today was of great interest to me.

Without getting too deep into my own views on the shenanigans that went on with the Primary Election on the Democratic side, as clearly revealed by the e-mail leaks (which I am still working my way through quite religiously, and I can assure you, they really should be ashamed of themselves), let’s just say I was at least hanging on to my assurance that at least the General Election was just too complicated for anyone to manage to effectively rig. Thus, despite the fact that I could never bring myself to believe that Ms. Clinton had any right being the Democratic Nominee (after the emails confirmed the process was rigged), I consoled myself with the fact that if Bernie Sanders wasn’t going to complain about it, why should I? And even if the lady didn’t deserve to still be in the race for the White House at that point, at least from this point on, we would see things continue on at least a SLIGHTLY more level playing field. Not even close.

Since this is a Blog Post and not a novel, let’s just ignore the entire Donald Trump thing altogether. If we were of a mind to, we could probably still be talking about that part of this saga after the NEXT election. But not tonight. Tonight, I need to explain the title I chose for this piece. You see, I too was hoping (and still am) to see the first woman President of the US chosen in this cycle, but it just isn’t Hillary Clinton. The lady I have in mind really would be a fine example for every little girl to look up to, and every young woman, and every adult in the US, male and female, and all others alike. This is a woman who worked hard all her life, and grew up to become someone who now works hard every day helping others. I’m talking about a lady named Dr. Jill Stein, and Dr. Stein is the Presidential candidate for the Green Party.

So why do I say she’s the most frightening woman in the world? Well, if you stick with me just a bit, I’m pretty sure I can satisfy your curiosity as to that point. I have to tell you, however, that even though I’ve been a fan of Jill’s ever since I began  studying her policy positions, it wasn’t until just today that I discovered, quite to my amazement, exactly how frightening, this rather delicate looking, and very soft-spoken woman, must actually be. And this is how all this knowledge came to me.

It started when I saw an Internet article by Reuters detailing a White House Press conference in which it was explained that the FBI had determined that it was Russia who had hacked the voter roles in Arizona, and one other State. The first thing about the article that worried me was that it made it sound so definite, unlike the usual articles that like to “hint” at these type of things (of course Russia has already denied the accusations). The next unusual thing was that Mr. Obama was now apparently reading minds because not only did he know the Russians did it, but he also seemed to know it was so they could rig the upcoming General Election. NOW…he had my full attention, and I knew Russians had nothing to do with it. It only took the President’s Press Secretary a couple more sentences to convince me I was correct in my concern.

You most likely already know that the reason it is an accepted theory that a General Election cannot be successfully rigged (unlike the Democratic side of this years Primary, which between the email leaks, and the multiple other voter irregularities still being investigated, seems almost certainly to have been totally rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton), is because the General takes place all at once, in so many places, under the direction of so many different State bodies. Trying to organize and rig a system so spread out and complex would be all but impossible. This holds true not just for any nefarious actors within the United States, but yes, Mr. President, it would be just as impossible for the Russians.

But that’s not what the White House says. Mr. Obama (who just happens to be the head of the same party that we already know rigged the Primary election), has decided the threat from the evil Russians is so great that he needs to act. His proposed solution is to declare all the individual voting machines in the United States, as “critical infrastructure”. What that means is that he will then have the power to appoint “overseers” who will be tasked with making sure all the results from all the machines are what they should be, thus KEEPING AMERICA SAFE.


By taking away the security that is built in by the very complexity of having all those different bodies, in different states looking after things, such a large number of unconnected people that it’s impossible to organize them all into one joint effort, illegal or otherwise, you will now have only one large body of overseers, with the keys to all the machines, who will answer to no one but the President who is himself the very head of the same Party that just got done rigging their Primary. It is a very bad idea! A very good idea would be to go back to using paper ballots. Another good idea would be to take all the easily-hackable machines 10-years old or older, and up-grade them to the new very hard or nearly impossible-to-hack machines with solid paper trails. But putting one agency in a position of power over everyone else is simply a very bad idea. In the case of a General Election, a certain amount of confusion can actually help to keep things legit.

Anyway, I bet you thought I forgot why I was here. Lol. I didn’t. You see, I discovered that Dr. Jill Stein was the most frightening woman in the world, but only to Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the DNC.  I discovered that when I tried to write Dr. Stein an email to alert her to the Reuters article. This wonderful woman has approximately 8-9 web-sites where she could usually be contacted by email. But since she got up to around 4-5% in the polls, Hillary has had her blacked out quite effectively, and no matter how often I’ve tried, I can’t get through on any of Jill’s pages. Now I know some of you will think that’s one of those conspiracy things. It isn’t, and I’ll show you how much sway Hillary has with the Internet bigwigs. Just take a look at the picture below. It’s a comparative screenshot of what happens when you type “Hillary Clinton is” into either Bing search, where Hillary’s pull isn’t as great as she would like, or when you type the same thing in Google search, where they think Hillary is awesome. The two things you are seeing compared are what each of these sites expect you to believe are the top ten things people that day are searching for that begin with the phrase I typed in “Hillary Clinton is”.

Comparing Top Ten Searches Bing (l) Google(r)
Comparing Top Ten Searches Bing (l) Google(r)

So as you can see, it’s quite a difference, all the way down to the fact that Google wants me to believe these are the top ten search results beginning with “Hillary Clinton is”, yet out of 10 results, the word “is” appears once, and “Hillary” appears 5 times. As one of my favorite news sources put it, “Google has all the information in the world at it’s disposal, and all it knows about Hillary Clinton is, ‘she’s awesome'”.

But that’s not the only reason I say how powerful Hillary’s influence is with the Internet. As you know, many of us get most of our news these days from the Internet, and by news, I’m also including, for those of you who still watch it, the Main-stream News. A lot of people probably haven’t even realized that it’s been something like 250 days or so since Hillary has given a Press Conference, yet Donald Trump has given something like 47 in the same amount of time, roughly one every 6-7 days. Why? Because you get Hillary’s Press Conferences every time you read an editorial, or an opinion piece, or anything like that, in virtually any of the Main-Stream Press. Don’t believe me? Check out this list.

-CNN President Virginia Mosely is married to Hillary Clinton Secretary Tom Nides.

-CBS President Dave Rhodes is top Obama official Ben Rhode’s brother.

-ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.

-ABC Executive Producer Ian Cameron is married to Obama National Security adviser, Susan Rice.

-ABC News and Univision Reporter, Matthew Jaffee, is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.

-CNN Department Assignment Manager, Joe Lockhart, is Hillary Clinton’s Press Secretary

-CBS Vice-President of Communication, Lisa Caputo, was Hillary Clinton’s Secretary, when Hillary was First Lady.

So you see, this is the type of influence that I’m talking about. And you would think with all of this in her corner, and all her billionaire donors (not to mention the Clinton Foundation), Hillary would fear nothing, and no one. But my point stands. Neither myself, nor anyone I know can manage to get on any of Dr. Stein’s sites, because the black-out on this woman is that effective. There is no way Hillary Clinton wants even one more person than already has, hearing the message of hope and prosperity this wonderful lady has put forward. I know it doesn’t affect me in a substantial way since I’m Canadian, but I thought the least I could do, since I can’t even get through to her these days, is let  at least a few more Americans know she exists.

So ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado, allow me to introduce to you, the most frightening woman in the entire world…but only to Hillary Clinton and the rest of the DNC. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Dr. Jill Stein.

Dr. Jill Stein
Dr. Jill Stein

The Most Frightening Woman In The World

Catch-And-Release_Is It Really Humane?

I was reading an article today on Google+ about the merits of catch-and-release when it comes to fishing for endangered species. The fish in particular that the article was focused on, was the White River Sturgeon, a beautiful animal by any standard (other than facial features), and a constant reminder that we share this world with many creatures that have been around a whole lot longer than we have.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Now the above photo is actually a Lake Sturgeon (close enough for the point of my post), and in case you didn’t notice in the credit beneath the photo, the picture is not my own (I’ll include a couple fish pictures of my own later, but of a totally different species). If you do follow that link, however, it makes for some great reading.

What I did want to talk about in this post is a possible problem that you seldom see mentioned in articles of this nature, but for which I have seen at least some evidence. It involves taking a fish from muddy waters (such as found in many river systems) out into the bright afternoon sun, so that even if you catch-and-release, you might inadvertently be putting a blind (and thus helpless) fish back into the water.

When I lived in Northern Saskatchewan while I attended university in Saskatoon, I used to fish the North Saskatchewan River on week-ends with a couple friends, and we always fished around midnight by the light of the moon. We did this mainly because the river there is known for its Giant Yellow Pickerel. Whereas you could catch 2 and 3-pound eating size fish all afternoon long in that  stretch of water, it was only once it was completely black, with just the moon for light, that the big ones came out hunting.

And that’s my point. If those fish’s eyes were so sensitive that they could find my minnows in that muddy river water, at midnight, by the light of a prairie moon, (and with that mucky water it’s easily as dark in that water all day) just imagine being suddenly yanked out of that darkness into the blazing afternoon sun.  After I read about this blindness issue on a number of occasions, and then talked to some of the older Native guys in the area, I came to a place of understanding where I decided that if I caught a fish, unless it was completely against the law to do so, I might just as well eat it, as put it back in the water where it was probably so helpless now, it was just going to get eaten, or starve to death (for lack of being able to hunt) anyway.

Now I’m not saying that everyone has to believe the same things I believe, and I also think the whole thing varies with the species of fish, and the type of water the fish dwells in. Here in BC where I’ve lived for the last 36 years or so, in our mountain lakes the water is so clear, you can see all the way to the bottom anyway, and the Trout streams are pretty much the same deal. I imagine fish in that kind of setting require different visual equipment then fish that live in water that is so mucky,  that you can barely see a foot in front of your face. But anyway, with all the talk about catch-and-release, I just thought I’d throw that out there.

And now as promised, a couple of my own fish-pics.

Orange Koi At Chinese Gardens
Orange Koi At Chinese Gardens
Speckled Koi At Chinese Gardens
Speckled Koi At Chinese Gardens
Speckled Koi At Chinese Gardens 2
Speckled Koi At Chinese Gardens 2

And finally, just a quick peek at the Chinese Gardens that contains the pond which is home to the above-pictured koi (but certainly not the lake sturgeon). Other than that, have a great week people, be happy, and stay safe.

Just one of the trails that helps transport visitors away from the hustle-bustle of Downtown Vancouver.
Just one of the trails that helps transport visitors away from the hustle-bustle of Downtown Vancouver.

Catch-And-Release_Is It Really Humane?