Hello, And Welcome To My British Columbian Life

Boat On Bay
Heading On In

Well, I guess it’s been a good 34-35 years since I first made Vancouver my permanent home. You know, I can honestly say that in a lifetime filled with at least a few things that I now feel certain I would have done differently, even if I were to be given the chance, settling here is the one decision that I would never change. I fell in love with this city quite possibly on the very first day that I arrived here, and for all the good and all the bad that I’ve gone through since that time, I can’t remember even once seriously considering a permanent move to another location. I’ve certainly left for periods of time, some longer, some shorter, but I always knew in my heart that the Canadian west coast had firmly become, and would always remain, my true home. And that I guess, brings me to to purpose of this blog.

“Itchy-Feet Syndrome”

Having spent a fair part of my youth travelling around North America, (at times in the company of a travelling carnival, at other times on my own), I was never able to shake the wanderlust that continued to drive me from place to place, a wanderlust so powerful that it even in its own way contributed to the breakup of at least one failed marriage in my life. It was also due to that same wanderlust that my first attempts at settling down in Vancouver were doomed to failure, limited to a couple years at a stretch, before giving in time after time to what my second wife quite seriously referred to as “itchy-feet syndrome”. Then one excuse or another would pop up, and away I would go, in search of whatever it was I was looking for, something I never was able to identify with any precision, and as far as I can tell, something I never did find. And even when I finally did manage to permanently settle down here in Vancouver, most likely due to a combination of advancing age and deteriorating health, I was still too restless to sit at home for any length of time, and I found that rather than wandering the entire North American continent any longer, I was now simply traversing the highways and byways within the confines of this wonderful city. This very quickly became my new pastime, both during the day and the night-time hours, barring illness or other unforeseen events, every day, seven days a week. Then, without any real conscious intention, something else was added to the walking. It seemed that the more hours I spent ambling around the city in this fashion the clearer I saw that I was inadvertently structuring a framework on which I could pursue another activity that had long intrigued me, the publishing of a blog. 

“A Great Source Of Blog Material”

The walks that I continually set out on turned out to be a great source of Blog material in not just one, but two very distinct, and equally significant ways. During the daytime as the city was bustling around me I began to get familiar with the faces of the various merchants, and the store-fronts which they were in one way or another, connected to. It’s kind of strange, but there is something about just passing the same person day after day, not necessarily even speaking to one another, that somehow manages to lay the groundwork for relationships that over time often turn into surprising friendships, casual though they may be. I also started to take note of the various stores that handled similar products, and my interest was aroused at how each merchant seemed to have his/her own specific way of presenting their wares in what I assumed they thought was the best, most sales productive mode of display. And each, despite the overall similarities of their inventory, appeared to have their favored products, which were given places of honor in the general over-arching presentation.

Many Reasons And Much Potential

Some assorted Chinatown wares.

The more my curiosity was aroused the more I realized that I was experiencing something that might not only be of interest to myself, but also to a larger body of people, for reasons ranging all the way from simple curiosity quite similar to my own, to more business-oriented, or tourism-oriented reasons, that may or may not be somewhat beyond the scope of my own current interest or understanding. These thoughts occurred to me and began to solidify when I started noticing the attention people paid me while I was describing to them some of the various, and interesting locations in Vancouver that had become quite familiar to me during the course of my daily walks. I also had more and more people asking me if I had come across such and such a business, or possible location where they might find a particular item when I was journeying around the city. As I realized that I could actually provide answers for questions of that nature more and more often, and as I came to appreciate that I could direct the inquirers very often to not just one, but multiple locations where they might find what they were looking for, I started to see yet further potential for putting together a Blog that a certain body of people might find not just interesting, but useful. From there, the whole concept just grew, until I had more than enough potential categories that I could turn into columns made up of daily, or weekly installments. Rather than itemize them all here, I think I’ll let each one be a surprise as its revealed, and hope they go over well. So anyway, that’s the material I’ll be gathering, and the research I’ll be doing, and finally, the writing that will be the result of my daytime walks, and I guess we can only wait and see if an old guy like me can put something like this together, and if so, how well it’s received. As for my night-time walks, that’s entirely a horse of a different color, and the particulars of how exactly those walks are different from my daytime walks, and how I’ll be handling the writing related to those strolls, that will be the substance of my next installment in these introductory postings, and I hope you’ll check in when it’s ready and give it a read. I also have to ask for your patience as I get familiar with this WordPress system, since its been quite some time since I’ve done any serious writing, and I have a lot to catch up on. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see the improvements with each and every posting. Until next time. 


Hello, And Welcome To My British Columbian Life

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