An Amazing Sight

Ordinarily, I’m not really a huge fan of including material on my blogs that don’t originate with myself. As a former English Lit. major, I’m really conscious of the word “plagiarism”, and I prefer to steer clear of hint of it. But of course we know that the addition of some outside material is an accepted practice in the realm of Blog writing, and there are even tools designed specifically to make that particular task a little easier. In this case I used the “press it” button and voila, what was once out there, is now included a little further on in here.

So, if I really am set against this practice in general, what was it that made me give in this particular time. It was a simple little look on a baby’s face. But a look that could neither be duplicated by illustration, or described adequately with words. The sheer intensity of wonder that I see in those eyes, hit me so hard, I knew I had to share it with as many people as I could, because everyone deserves to have their heartstrings tugged like this at least once every day. You see, this baby was born not hearing, and in the video the doctor applies, and turns on for the first time the baby’s new hearing aid, and for the first time in his short and silent life, this child hears the world. The entire thing is made even more incredible because just before the doctor turns the unit on, the infant is crying, unhappy at this thing being applied to his ear. When the sounds of the world reach his brain, the sudden transformation in his mood from unhappiness to wonder is made all the more remarkable. But here I am babbling like an idiot, so I’ll let you go so you can watch this for yourselves, and maybe pass it around a little more. Enjoy. Until next time…

via This Baby Hearing The World For The First Time Will Deeply Touch Your Heart.

An Amazing Sight

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