An Explanation and Apology

I know that there are some of you who can, but I also know that there are a whole bunch of you who hopefully will never know just how hard this particular type of posting is to write. I for one, hope you never have to write one like it. Like so many other people in the world, I have, among my friends, one particular gentleman who loves his computer, or these days I guess its his tablet, but other than actually using it to surf and send mail, is just not up to speed on a lot of the intricacies of the whole internet thing. As a result, I have been called several times to his place of residence and had it requested of me that I clean his current tech of multiple viruses and such that have the thing completely messed up yet again. Since he is my friend I usually comply without charging him much more than a stern lecture on what kind of sites he should be avoiding, and what kind of e-mail he should refrain from opening. And when I realized that the lectures really weren’t doing much good, I then instructed him not to send any mail in my direction, since I wouldn’t open it anyway, as the risk of getting a virus was just too great.

Twelve days ago I started up a new Blog and things were just starting to look good, with roughly 600 page views over the 12-day period, with a satisfying number of likes and follows, and even a bit of e-mail. So when I got one from my friend, I guess I let my ego get the best of me, cause I opened it, only to find myself staring at a diet site, or some such crap. Figuring it was just my friend believing once again that he was going to make a million dollars over night, I promptly deleted the message and got on with answering the rest of my mail.

The next day, my page views on my Blog page dropped from over 100 the day before, to almost 0, and I got a message from Yahoo saying I should change my password since they had detected some odd behavior at my e-mail site. I did as directed, then ran a scan and turned up two Trojans just before my brother called to let me know that I had virused his computer. I assume the same thing happened to several other people in the six countries in which I now had readers (at least until yesterday), and thus, the low page-view count. So the reason for this posting.

What can I say, I should have known better, after all, I spend a fair amount of my time cleaning other peoples computers, and not only have I heard the lectures, I was the guy doing the lecturing. So, if I virused your computer, I really am sorry, it shouldn’t have happened, and I have now done what I should have done a long time ago, I blocked my friend from sending me any mail. I realize for those who did get virused by my page before I cleaned it, you probably have blocked me, so you won’t even get to read this, but just in case you do, let me say it one more time, I am very, very sorry, and for whatever it’s worth, I can assure you, as far as it’s humanly possible to guarantee such a thing, it will never happen again.

An Explanation and Apology

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