Minor Frustrations And Testings Of The Will

You know how sometimes you just have one of those days, and deep down inside, you somehow know that the universe itself has decided to put you to the test. Well I had one of those days yesterday. Even I can see the irony in that it coincided with Thanksgiving day, and it’s because of that type of humor within life’s little set-backs that I think I get through them as often as I do, and still manage to keep smiling.

First of all, the normal accumulation of little problems with the computer that I’m reasonably certain everyone has from time to time, finally built up to the point where I figured a decent re-format was probably the best idea all around, and since it was a holiday after all, what better time to do it. So, I threw in my copy of Windows 7, and told it to give me a total wipe and fresh install, always the best idea in my book when you haven’t reformatted in a couple years, and all those now unwanted programs that you were once so sure you just couldn’t live without, have built up to the point where you don’t even know what half of them were supposed to be for in the first place.

So after the initial process of reformatting was over, and I was about to re-install an anti-virus program, and a few other of the usual maintenance stand-bys, I suddenly realized I had no Internet connection. A quick check, and the ever-reliable Windows Help File informed me that I was missing the drivers for my Network Adapters, would I please go on-line and retrieve them…duh! Just how did the silly machine expect me to get on-line with no working Network Adapters? So then I didn’t know whether to LOL or come up with a much more unpleasant acronym, but I finally just settle for shaking my head a bit, and since this choice helps me remain calm, it sort of saves the day. I strongly suspect I would have spent a lot more time coming up with a solution if I had been trying to do so while I was throwing things around my living room and impressing myself with what an idiot I really can be at times.

“But, of course, I was using a laptop, so everything was fine…not.”

The solution was actually quite simple. Although I never had any real reason to use it before (I never take my laptop outside anymore), I do know how to hook up the Wi-Fi, and for that, I didn’t need the Network Adapter drivers that I was missing. Of course, if I had been using a PC rather than a laptop, I would have been in trouble because I don’t own an external modem. But, of course, I was using a laptop, so everything was fine…not. You see, only 3 of the 5 drivers I was missing were available on-line apparently, which meant that even though I could continue using my wireless to keep an active connection, my LAN was still out of service until I could figure out where it was in the first place that I got the Drivers which Windows couldn’t locate on-line. And then the answer to that little puzzle hit me. Those drivers were part of the original HP installation package, and I so hastily reformatted the computer, I wiped out the drivers along with everything else. Windows 7 does include a very nice feature that takes a lot of your accumulated stuff when you reformat, and sticks it in a folder called Windows.old, but the stuff they save in there is mainly your old programs, and not so much the technical stuff. Needless to say, though I went over it basically file by file, and though there was much that I was happy to find in there, the drivers were not among the rest.

It was about then that I took a break, and using the wireless, started working on this Blog posting as a way of taking my mind off the nonsense for a while, and son-of-a-gun, it seems it was the break my mind needed to clear itself, and realize what I’m currently hoping is the right answer to all of this. I can’t seem to get anywhere trying to download the correct drivers from the HP site, because it might just be the first site I’ve ever encountered that’s more confusing than my own mind, but I was able to track down a clean torrent that looks like it might contain a complete package of the drivers for my particular HP model, and as soon as that finishes downloading, I’ll know for sure (after I check it for malware). Then, I’ll only have one more little problem.

“If you don’t hear from me, say a little prayer if you get the chance; I just may need all the help I can get.”

I’ve always preferred PC’s  to Laptops and I’m only using this one which used to be my back-up unit, because my desk-top PC recently packed it in after six years of faithful service. Until I get a new one up and running, this laptop will have to do. Unfortunately, like many PC users that I know, this touch-pad thing drives me absolutely crazy. So for the last year, I’ve had a program installed that turned off the touchpad whenever a mouse was attached to the USB port, and I was happy as a lark. But, you guessed it, I lost that program (whichever one it was) when I reformatted. You would think it would be a simple thing finding another program that does the same job. Well, think again. But, eventually I will. In the meantime, however, I see that I only have a couple more minutes before my torrent is downloaded, so I’ll be letting you go, and if everything works out, you’ll probably hear from me tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me, say a little prayer if you get the chance; I just may need all the help I can get. One way or another, I’ll be seeing you soon. Until then…


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