The Best I Could Do

Strange title for a post, but actually quite appropriate. It seems I picked up some kind of nasty little bug today, and spent almost every waking moment huddled under the blankets, trying to get warm. I finally crawled out a few moments ago mainly to have something to eat, since I thought that might contain the secret to feeling a little better, then once I got it onto a plate in front of me, I couldn’t convince myself to eat it. Anyway, I had taken a bunch of pictures that I was going to compile into my weekly “The Week In Pictures Post”, so I thought, “What the heck”, I might as well put the gallery out, and I could worry about adding the captions to the pictures a little later when my stomach stopped doing this Mexican Hat Dance that it’s suddenly finding so interesting. So I’m sorry about the lack of captions, I will add them later. For now, however, I hope you find something of interest.

And that, my friends, really is the best I can manage on this particular day. I’m sure whatever this bug is, it will move on soon enough, and then I’ll get some captioning done on this post, as well as some new posts written. In the meantime, everyone stay healthy, keep safe, and we’ll see you soon. Until then…

The Best I Could Do

2 thoughts on “The Best I Could Do

    1. I spent one year living in Victoria just a few blocks from Beacon Hill Park, and I wish I had been using a camera much more back then. I’m thinking of taking a day-trip there just to shoot a bunch of photos for a Gallery Post next spring. Thanks for dropping by.


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