An Autumn Stroll

The weather here the past week has been wet, cold and windy, which accounts for the lack of photographs on this Blog as I have been huddling in my apartment, working at the keyboard, trying to stay warm while I finish off a couple of the longer posts that I have been working on. Then suddenly yesterday, ‘Ol Sol broke through that cloud cover, was promptly joined by a warm wind coming out of the East, and we were treated to a whole new weather scheme. Just like that, I was being called back out into the great outdoors to stretch my aching leg-muscles, and exercise my clicking-finger as I recorded my entire Autumn stroll for all of you out there, who have been so patiently waiting for me to hush my overactive writing voice, and give my underused vision a chance to speak. Considering its now November, I was very pleased to see that Autumn was still in full swing, with no real hints of Winter (other than the bad weather last week) to be found anywhere, and so with that thought in mind, I’ll let you get to checking out the pictures, while I (on this brand new day) get back to finishing off those articles I started.

And there you have it, a wonderful walk to wear off all the accumulated effects that I always feel when the weather is nasty enough to keep me home-bound for any prolonged length of time. I mean, I love to write, there is very little that I love to do more, but I usually reserve my late evenings, or very early mornings, for putting up on the computer screen the many things I have encountered, or thought about during the later mornings, afternoons, and early evenings that I spend interacting with the world in general. In short, I have to get out, and even if deep intimacy with others has never been my way (for reasons we’ve touched on briefly elsewhere on these pages), an indirect interaction is necessary if I am to retain my sanity, and for myself at least, that is found while I’m walking these city streets. So I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and right now I’m off to do another of those things that help me to stay sane…I’m off to read a bunch of your Blogs, and find out just what you guys have been up to since the last time I read you. So take care, and we’ll see you next time…until then…

An Autumn Stroll

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