Robyn Urback on pick-up artist Julien Blanc: Freedom of speech does not include freedom to incite violence

This is the first time I have ever Reblogged anything, and it very likely could be the last. It’s just not something I do, but I was alerted to this guy over the last week in the news (like in this article), on Twitter, and even on the Petition Page (I signed) where they still need a few more signatures to make sure this guy’s foot never touches Canadian soil. But anyway, I’ll let the article explain itself, and if you’re riled enough when you’re finished reading it, perhaps you take time to sign the petition at .

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This summer, I had my first run-in with a pick-up-artist-in training. I was walking through Toronto’s Eaton Centre on my way from a local radio station, and by all accounts I certainly looked the part for radio. Which was why I couldn’t understand why this random guy was suddenly complimenting me on my wrinkled skirt and probably-smudged makeup.

“Huh?” I said. “Oh, um, thanks.”

“So, where are you heading?” he said. The guy was probably two or three years my junior, with a short haircut, a wrist cuff, skinny jeans and semi-closed eyes that seemingly never stopped to blink, or look away. The tone of his voice came off as artificially steady, like he was counting half a beat between each syllable in his head.

“I’m going home. Do you need directions to the subway or something?”

Then I clued in. I had heard anecdotally — mostly on Twitter —…

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Robyn Urback on pick-up artist Julien Blanc: Freedom of speech does not include freedom to incite violence

6 thoughts on “Robyn Urback on pick-up artist Julien Blanc: Freedom of speech does not include freedom to incite violence

  1. Hmm, I’m internally conflicted. This kinda relates back to a recent post I did. On one hand, I totally understand and agree why the idea of him being barred from the country is valid. The message he is spreading is morally wrong, dangerous, and can incite malicious actions towards women. On the other hand, he still should be free to travel and say what he wants and whoever disagrees just shouldn’t listen.

    ..then again these countries are free to repell his misogynistic a** from their borders.

    …..on a side note, I was wondering why you didn’t show up in my reader. My apologies for the late follow.


    1. No apologies necessary. I received stuff from you in the past, and right now you’ve got quite a bit on your plate. As far as this idiot in the post goes, I would ordinarily be all for his right to free speech, but he lost that right when he decided it gave him the additional right to man-handle women, including choking them into unconsciousness, and then teach other young, impressionable men that this was an acceptable way to pick up women. You don’t get kicked out of 2, maybe 3 or even 4 countries just because some people don’t like what you’re saying. He’s way beyond that. Anyway, you really need to focus on the little brother issue right now, and hey, glad to hear from you. Thanks for the message.


    1. Nice to see you back here again, I was up at your site not that long ago. I see you were reading up on Robyn Urback, quite the loser huh? I sure hope they’re not planning on letting him come here to spread all that hatred he’s so good at spreading. I really think the women here are better off without him, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. So you take care, and I’ll read you soon.

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