Writings On The Wall

A pencil crayon drawing I did of geometrical shapes that ended up with a vague resemblance to a woman in Middle Eastern attire.

As I mentioned to a lovely young woman earlier tonight, where some people doodle, I very often write poetry, but poetry that is to doodling, as doodling is to art. The reason for this is very simple and easy to understand. I’ve mentioned in at least one earlier post that I really have no talent for drawing, and as such, for me to create something that would reasonably pass as a doodle, would take me roughly the same amount of time as Leonardo Da Vinci put into the Mona Lisa. After spending roughly that amount of time, this is a sample of the sort of thing that I would end up producing. Now as far as pencil crayon drawings go, and in the realm of doodles, at first glance it might appear to be acceptable. That is, until I told you that it took me working on this thing every night at least a couple of hours, for over a week to complete this piece of work. So after roughly 20-25 hours, voila, there we have “Middle Eastern Woman Walking Through Field At Midday”.

Gotcha 3
My unreadable handwritten caption says: TyrannusCanary Rex and the equally rare MerWorm!

You can see that right? The woman’s hijab is predominantly red, with green and black trim, the field is grass covered with some strange-looking bushes growing in the foreground, the sun is shining in the top left corner, and the moon is showing in the top right corner, therefore it must be mid-day as the woman is directly between the two.  And you thought I was pulling your leg didn’t you? The sky is even blue near the sun gradually becoming darker as it approaches the night-time realm of the moon.  I’m telling you, this doodle stuff is hard work. All these details.  But just so you know, even though  I don’t do a lot of doodling, I am versatile. I don’t just do current events like the last piece I showed you. Sometimes I do Historical Works like the one to the right which depicts one of the most terrible of all ancient battles that was ever fought on land, air, or sea. That’s right, you guessed it, the daily combat to the death between the mighty TyrannusCanary Rex, and the equally ferocious MerWorm. Of course, they were no cameras back then to record one of those battles to the death, but I feel pretty confident that after many minutes of in-depth research, I’ve managed to capture the true essence of one of these terrible encounters. My only wish is that my doodling skills matched my research abilities. But, this brings me to the original purpose of my post.

You see, since I’m somewhat hindered in the area of doodling, when others might decide to create a drawing on a napkin, or a scrap of paper, or perhaps that soft skin around their spouses navel, I instead tend to jot down a little poetry, and express my artistic side in that manner.  The thing is, however, I’m only a little better at poetry than I am at drawing. So that’s why I say my poetry is to doodling, as most people’s doodling is to art. But, since it was suggested to me by someone whose opinion I’ve come to value, that perhaps a poem of mine that she saw should be used as a post on my Blog, and since I reconsidered the proposal after first rejecting the idea, I have now decided that I will post that poem, and perhaps even a couple others if the idea still seems like a good one after this first one sees the light of day. So, without any further ado, ladies and gentleman, may I please present, for your reading enjoyment:

The King Of Rock And Roll

The murmurs rolling from the crowd
Like waves upon the sea
The multitudes are growing restless
I know they wait for me
Now the lights grow oh so dim
The murmurs quickly silence
A bright white spotlight finds my face
I sneer in sheer defiance.
This crowd is quickly hypnotized
I have them in my hold
They know it’s me, they’ve come to see
The King of Rock and Roll.

Source wpclipart2.3

Embracing gently my guitar
My fingers strum the strings
And when I’m sure the time is right
From deep inside I sing.
At first I sing a sad song
Then I sing a song of war
Next I speak my mind a little while
And now I sing a little more.
They’ve paid out cash to watch me play
I’ll never leave them cold.
They’ll tell their friends I really am
The King of Rock and Roll.

Source wpclipart2.3
Source wpclipart2.3

Now my performance for this night
Has finally reached its end
Another night in another town
I’ll do it all again.
The last staunch fan has left the hall
The band has gone their way
The roadies end a job well done
Each single one’s been paid.
Myself, I head for my hotel.
There’s an ache within my soul.
Another night spent all alone…
For the King of Rock and Roll.

And there you have it, hope you found something in here to enjoy at least a little. We’ll be getting back to you with a new article sometime in the next couple of days. Stay happy and healthy and keep on writing. I’ll read you later. Until then…

Writings On The Wall

4 thoughts on “Writings On The Wall

  1. You are not giving yourself enough credit for the incredibly talented man you are, David. Your doodle is gorgeous to which I found myself staring at just intrigued. And your poem, wow, you ROCK. We artists tend to be really hard on us. I want you to be easy on you, see the beauty in you, and acknowledge that you have been given great Gifts to share. Really! Love, Amy


    1. Thank-you very much for the kind words. I’ve always been very easily embarrassed, or as my mother used to say, “Brian is painfully shy”. She just had no idea how painfully, and I never really lost it. So, humor is a great mask, and everybody leaves happy. But again, I do thank you for the very nice words. If it hadn’t been for another young woman’s encouragement last night, neither the doodles nor the poem would ever have seen the light of day. So I guess the encouragement we give each other on these pages does some good after all. You have a great night now.


  2. What you call a “doodle” is truly a beautiful work of art and you clearly have artistic talent! (Perhaps it’s time to stop denying that your artistic side is alive and well!). It’s true that technical skill can assist any artist, but I believe the key to any artistic expression is more about enjoying the journey, having fun with the process and simply allowing it to flow—so it never matters how long it takes to complete a project. And I love your poem, “The King of Rock and Roll”. I think it would make for a fabulous rock song. You are clearly an artist and a poet! Wonderful post, David. Keep the art and poetry coming! :))


    1. I thank you very much for the kind words, whether I deserve them or not. I have received a couple similar comments over the past day or two, and if only because I am truly grateful to my fellow Bloggers for their support, I have decided to at least attempt another poem, which is why I haven’t published in a couple days. Any artwork I decide to try will take much longer so I’m not promising anything there. But I do thank you once again for the kind words.

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