Writings On The Wall 2

Clustered Angel Feathers

Strolling through the park one bright and sunny day

A lovely sight captured my eye

And so I turned and strolled that way.

As I approached a wondrous vision

Which never had I seen before

My steps grew small, my eyes grew wide

Til steps had stopped, and eyes could simply grow no more.


Clusters here, clusters there, clusters big and small

Finding my feet I got real close

And stood among them short and tall.

Reaching out my hand so slowly

Then stretching out one frail fingertip

I felt the glory, I felt the love

My heart knew then, in heaven they began their trip.

Original Text and Photos

David Brian Paley

– ©2014-

And there we have it, so thanks for reading and we’ll see you again. I’m off now to do my own reading, which reminds me that I wanted to tell you guys (and girls) just how impressed I am with all the great writing all you bloggers are churning out these days, and actually that’s one of the reasons that my own writing may seem a little intermittent at times. I’m so enthralled with what you people are putting out, well, you get it I hope. So kudos to all of you, and I’ll see you in a bit when I’m commenting on your pages. Until then…

Writings On The Wall 2

12 thoughts on “Writings On The Wall 2

    1. Well, I don’t know if you would call Vancouver a small town with a couple million residents,but I do know what you mean. There are those mornings when you can see what your breathing, and that’s never very appealing. I’ll be popping over your way in a bit to see what goodies you have on display, so fair warning, O.K. Thanks for the visit.

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  1. Your poem so perfectly captures the wonder of beholding these beautiful “Angel Feathers”. I don’t know what these lovely grassy plumes are called, but I too feel that they are heavenly sent. A wonderful series of photos to go with your lovely poem. Wishing you a very good evening! ~ Jeannie


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