Thanksgiving Revisited

This year with my new Blog up and running, when Thanksgiving arrived, I had no idea that I was going to get hit with such a double-whammy of feel-good, heart-warming, love-in-your-face, thankfulness, due to the slightly separated celebrations of this wonderful day, first here in Canada, and then roughly a month later south of that 49th parallel among all of my happier-than-thou southern neighbors.

I think it’s absolutely great! No sooner do we up here in the frozen north-lands (and I really mean that this year, for even as I got up to write this morning, the mercury was hovering at close to -8 on the Celsius scale {14.5 F.}) finish saying thank-you for all the wonderful things that we’re grateful for, then all our friends to the south of us just pick right up where we left off. I figure the Almighty up there must think this is one really nifty time of the year, when even the people who have been blessed with so much in their lives that it just has to be difficult not to fall into the trap of taking at least some of it for granted, get themselves together and thank Him for all that He has contributed to each of their lives as well. That’s a lot of gratitude from a lot of people, and I believe He’s more than deserving of every bit of it and more. So as far as the more goes, I thought I would add one more little Thanksgiving poem to the mix, and it’s my thank-you for the path that He leads me on each and every day, just to keep me from getting myself lost again, as I have been lost at so many other times in a life that quite often has just gotten away on me. I don’t always know why, but I know that if I don’t have a good clear path to follow, then stuff happens, so I stick to the path He shows me, and I thank Him for that path. The poem, by the way, is called:

I’ll Walk Your Way

Lord, You know the places I must go

You’ve said I need not go alone

So if Your path the desert spans

Though oceans deep before me lay

If mountains high obstruct my road

I’ll start along my way today.


I’ll travel light, I’ll pack no clothes

My food shall be what you provide

Your Word (dear Jesus) I’ll carry in my heart

A joyous song upon my lips

My only goal Your Promised Land

Your Angels keep me safe from slips.


You left Your home in Heaven high

Took on the guise of mortal man

For those You loved had lost their way

Embraced the darkness, shut out the light

And only You could save our souls

Redeeming us from endless night.


You’ve walked the earthly ways we’ve walked,

In meekness, peace, and love profound

Temptation rife at every turn

Pain and strife on every side

Your Faith sustained You through it all

Faithful to Your Truth You died.


Then Hallelujah, Praise God on high

From in that tomb, behind that stone,

Shed burial clothes and made Your way

Back into Your Heavenly home

A message passed to all Your friends

Promised they would never be alone.


Lord You know the places I must go

You’ve said I need not go alone

So if Your path the desert spans

Though oceans deep before me lay

If mountains high obstruct my road

I’ll take You’re offered Hand this day.


And there we go, another Thanksgiving come and gone, twice. I hope everyone had a great one, and I guess as far as holidays go, we’re now in the home stretch for Christmas. So I guess it’s tree shopping and gifts for a lot of you, and for the quieter bunch like myself I suspect it will be time to break out the Christmas Carols, and the egg-nog, and such. I hope the run up to the holidays is safe for everybody, and I’m even going to say some special prayers that we might have a little more world peace than we’ve been having lately. I know it sounds a little corny, but I’ll take my chances on absolutely anything that might help. And right now, I’ve got some pictures I want to go take, and some merchants to check in on, and then some mail to answer. So I hope your week-end ends well, and I’ll read you soon. Until then…

Thanksgiving Revisited

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