Writings On The Wall 6

As I was reading through some portions of the Bible these last few days, and also perusing so many of the Blogs that I follow, I started wondering just where my studies were taking me, and whether or not I had gotten side-tracked with all the extra reading that I was doing. As I considered this question more and more, however, I was quite happy to realize that on the contrary, rather than slipping away from the original purpose of my studies, which has always been to discover for myself the truths behind this mystery that inundates all of our lives as we journey in this world, the mystery we call God, I was in fact getting deeper into the question of His existence. The material I had been exposing myself to on the various Blogs I follow, Christian, Atheistic, or somewhere else on the spiritual spectrum in nature, had all been serving to offer up questions that had brought about the need for deeper study.

Whether the writers of the Blogs believed in God, or Allah, or Wicca, or whatever, or nothing, the fact was that wherever their beliefs came up against what I had believed up until that point, that point served as the launching point for another study that I might not otherwise have gotten around to for a very long time. In some of these cases, after checking the sources, and available authorities, and praying for guidance, I found there was no reason to change what I had believed in in the first place. At other times, there was enough doubt cast on one of my beliefs, that I couldn’t dispose of using any of the reference materials at my disposal (I have approx.1500 books in my Christian library), but also no real conclusive proof on the part of what I was reading, just some really decent speculation, and in that case, I marked the point in question for further study. And then, there were the times (not many, but a couple) where the argument against what I believed was strong enough that I had no choice but to change my opinion. At times like that, it’s the only honest thing to do, and God would be disappointed if I did anything less. However, none of those things were significant enough to damage my faith in the existence of God, or the matters of salvation or life after death.

So anyway, except for the fact that all this reading is making it really hard to keep up with the amount of writing that I would like to be doing, I can’t see where it’s doing any harm to my study life, and the poem that follows should serve as some evidence that I’m still managing to get a little bit of writing done. As for how decent that writing is, I’ll let you decide.

The Goal I Seek

Lead me Lord the way You choose

Along these sometimes lonely paths

Not seeking glory, honor, fame

That reshaped dust can never have.


To search instead for peace and love

Serenity so sweet and true

That nowhere on this Earth is found

Until the Seeker first finds You.


You thought my life and so I live

You gave to me that I might give

Now grant Your precious seed to grow

That through my life Your love might flow

To touch all those that cross my path

That peace and love they too might know.


And even more important still

I pray that they should seek the Will

Of you my Lord Who made us all

And finally answer Wisdom’s call

So when You take us to Your home

We’ll never ever be alone.


We shall forget the pain we’ve seen

The sorrow of this fallen place

And live content and so serene

Within Your Glory and Your Grace.


And with that, we can call it a night, and just say I hope everybody is keeping safe, healthy, and warm. May God bless, keep up the great writing, and I’ll read you later.

Writings On The Wall 6

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