Writings On The Wall 7

The Enemy


I feared an enemy, who dwelt up high

Upon the mountain that overlooked

The pleasant valley I called my home

In which these days I dwelt alone

Beside the ever playful brook.


This enemy I feared, who dwelt up high

Upon the shadow-casting mountain

Slowly made his way on down

Into the valley that was my home

And no longer was I all alone

As he hid behind the fountain.


Something stirred deep memories

From far back in my troubled mind

Youthful curiosity

And the day that I began to climb.

To discover what that mountain held

What secrets did those heights contain?

What wondrous views would my eyes see?

What mysteries might be revealed to me?


Slowly, surely, step by step

One hand here, another there

Listening carefully to every sound

Thankful that the weather’s fair.

We place one foot, and then another

Recalling good advice from Mother

Occasionally a quick rest stop,

And now we’re finally at the top.


Then just as once more breath is caught

And as I set out to explore

From in the trees, a shape bursts free

Coming at me with flailing arms

With volume increasing more and more

Says I can’t be here and I must leave.


Too young to argue, too small to fight

I only wish to flee his sight,

So I turned and ran the way I came

So hastily I dropped my pack

So frightened that I did not look back

Nor return again to find my sack.


Now here we are, the years have past

He slowly steps out from behind the fountain

He approaches me, I do not run

He hands to me the pack I lost.

There was no time to explain He says

About the bear that was on his way

He shows the one long scar he bears

The reminder of what happens when we care

Enough to step out in harms way

To save another from harm one day

And tells me that he still thanks God,

For putting in that bear’s mind the thought

That these two humans didn’t look quite as good

For dinner as the deer, that just appeared, right there behind them, in those woods.


So thank you for reading all that, and because it was kind of a long one, I thought I would include a couple of nice relaxing songs that you could unwind to. Enjoy, God bless, and we’ll see you next time. Until then…

Writings On The Wall 7

2 thoughts on “Writings On The Wall 7

    1. Thank-you. Sometimes I write things as they occur to me, and they can seem a little confusing, even to me, but like you said, they very often work into a flow. Hopefully the readers will let me know if I ever fail to satisfy. I can take criticism quite well. At least, no one’s died recently. Lol.


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