Writings On The Wall 8

As I was walking around the city today, I was noticing some of the landmarks and the idea for this poem popped into my mind, so I got home, and this is what came out. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what was on my mind, but it’s at least pretty close.

The Song


So many things within his mind

Within his heart, within his soul

He stands upon these city streets

Neither noticing the heat nor cold.

The cars roar past the storefront glass

The people scurry here and there

As pigeons dodge the booted feet

The beggars beg but do not eat.

The sun shines cold in a crystal sky

No cloud of white to break the blue

No single leaf on a barren branch

And now he knows he’s found the truth.

As emotion swells within his breast

As seasons change and years roll past

He knows for certain he has found

The song that now he sings at last.


“You’ll remember me, though I’m gone away

But I’ll still be here, come another day

Though years may come and go my love

Standing here, ‘neath the skies above

If you listen carefully above everything

I promise you will hear the angels sing

They’ll sing the song about me and mine

Those brave young men I fought beside

Who fell with me on the battlefield

For your liberty we fought

For your freedom we were killed.”


You didn’t know he had a mind

Or a heart, or a soul

Just a statue on a pedestal

Standing quiet day and night

But what that statue represents

Is a young man like you and me

Who took his life and laid it down

So that we and ours could all be free.


So there you have it, hope you enjoyed it. God bless, and we’ll read you later. Take care, and stay safe.

Writings On The Wall 8

6 thoughts on “Writings On The Wall 8

      1. If a picture really is worth a thousand words, your “writing” output in one week has already dwarfed my lifetime total. It’s all about perspective I guess. I’ll view you later.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I really do appreciate the nomination Patty, but I’m afraid I’ve got to turn this one down since I’m still working on the last one that I haven’t completed yet. It’s not due until the 29th, but since a lot of my postings tend to be longreads, I really can’t handle any more awards just now. I really do thank you for thinking of me, and I’ll read you later.


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