Writings On The Wall 9

Where Did It Go

Where did the zest for living go,

the joy I used to know?

How is it when I laugh these days,

I know the laughter’s just for show?

There’s an emptiness within my heart,

a soul that’s cold, and dark, and dead.

Ice syrup flows within my veins,

slowly slithering toward my head.


Where there used to be love and compassion,

for life and for my fellow beings,

They slyly morphed from that to this

and I had to learn new ways of seeing.

The first new thing I had to learn

was never trust what my eyes revealed;

the expressions worn upon their faces

of feelings true, showed not a trace.

Their words spoke even less the truth

of what they hid within their hearts,

For we were truly best of friends

’til two seconds after we had parted.


Now even as my head grows cloudy

and it becomes so hard to think,

I try to grasp the how’s and why’s

and answer my soul’s final cries.

What happened to humanity?

What happened to civility?

What happened to the world I knew

where people laughed and people played?

Where your neighbours were the folks next door,

not the people who made you afraid?

Where I could say hi to your child

without you looking for the nearest cop.

Where every decent man understood

a woman’s word “stop” to mean stop.

Where husbands were husbands and wives were wives,

and partners were people at work.

But if you’d rather scrap English for PC

that’s fine, just call me a jerk.

Everybody’s offended at everything,

Priority is a truly lost art.

Women injured and dying in acid attacks,

but in their march no one takes part.

Yet have a gathering to save the Sasquatch,

a creature we don’t even know exists,

and people will grab their check-books and suits,

because an event like that they can’t resist.

Where did it go, our love for each other,

Remember those brave pioneers?

If they had been as self-centered as we,

there never would have been cities, not even a town,

and the buffalo still would have run free.”


I can’t think any more, the barrier’s breached,

the icy cold syrup has reached my old brain.

No more the old things will I ever miss,

because now I’ve morphed, from that, into this.


Well, there goes another one, and just so nobody worries, I’m not depressed or anything, at least not to any degree worth worrying about. It’s just that sometimes I see things from one side, and other times, I see them from another side. Maybe it’s that old seasonal thing, but anyway, I hope you guys/gals have all been busy writing because now that I’ve finished that, I’ve got some time to do some reading, and that’s exactly what I intend to do. So take care, stay safe, and healthy, God bless, and I’ll read you in a bit. Until then…

Writings On The Wall 9

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