Writing On The Wall 10

The Guardian


Head home my friends,

you’ve worked hard this day,

your children wait for you to play.

To hug them and to hold them close,

to say it’s them you love the most.

To read to them adventure tales

of the seven seas where the pirates sail,

and the Prince held captive in the tower high

waits for his Princess riding by

to slay the ogre with her deadly sling

while the townsfolk joyfully dance and sing.

Then Prince and Princess ride away

into the scarlet setting sun,

promising to return one day

as King and Queen when the time has come.

And you my friends your children sleep,

it’s time to take them up to bed,

a snugly quilt to keep them warm,

and fluffy pillows for their heads.

And you must also get some sleep,

another day comes all too soon,

and while you sleep I’ll keep you safe,

as I walk these streets beneath this moon.

For no one knows the things I’ve seen,

fit only for nightmarish dreams,

that prowl these streets in the dead of night

as they strive to stay hidden from our sight.

But they cannot hide from those who see,

from those whose eyes watch willingly.

Not all that is is flesh and bone,

and I don’t fight this fight alone.

There are many more who kneel and pray,

to keep the many safe each day,

from all the evil that eyes can’t see;

the evil that threatens you and me.

So sleep and rest, you’ve work to do,

when the sun has risen and the day is new.

Me and mine, we’ll prowl these streets,

so you my friends, can get some sleep.


Well we’ve certainly had a really nice change in the weather here the last few days. The rain is back, but right now at 9:00 pm, it’s still 11*C (52*F), and last week we had 4-5 days in a row of sub-freezing temperatures, so like I said, a really nice change. It may sound a little strange to anyone not living on the coast, but I actually think the rain mellows people out here, almost like we miss it when we don’t have it. So other than that, not to much to report out of the ordinary. The Christmas shopping thing is getting serious, and it’s getting a little harder to move around downtown as a result. Other than that, things are just about normal. So, I think I’ll go try and catch up on my mail, and maybe get some extra writing in tonight. Take care, stay safe, God bless, and we’ll read you later. Until then…

Writing On The Wall 10

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