Writing On The Wall 11

“As It Turns Out”

Faith Vs Doubt and Insecurity

I met a man once. He said he had no faith. Said he didn’t want any; said he didn’t believe in anything he couldn’t see.

I said to that man, “Surely you must believe in something you can’t see. In fact, I can think of lots of things you quite possibly have faith in, even though you can’t see them.

What about gravity?” I asked him, “You must believe in gravity! Surely you don’t walk around all day, every day, thinking with every step you take that the gravity might disappear from the Universe, leaving you to suddenly fly off the planet into outer space?”

Well, you know, as it turns out, he did!

“That’s why,” he told me, “just in case that particular situation should ever arise, I always make it a point to be holding on to something solid or firmly anchored wherever I go.”

I thought about that for a moment, and then I said to that man, “Well, what about air? You can’t see that (except when the smog is bad), but I bet you don’t worry about it running out right in the middle of your busy day!?”

Well, you know, as it turns out, he did!

He even showed me the 10-pound canister of compressed air which he always kept tucked under the driver’s seat in his car, just in case.

I also thought about that for a moment, and then I said to the man, “All right then, what about love? You sure can’t see that. So just because it’s not visible, do you really expect me to believe you think it doesn’t exist?”

Well, you know, as it turns out, he did!

He said he had never been in love, nor had he ever received love. He said it was a tough world, and as far as he was concerned, there was just no room in it for dreamers, lovers, or any other kind of namby-pamby weakling!

The last I saw of that man was his back as he left the restaurant and moved on carefully down the street, clutching at anything that even looked heavy, trying not to drop his canister of air, and yelling at anyone who dared to cross his path. I sent a quick prayer in Heaven’s direction, and hoped that it got there alright. (It seemed to me that the gravity was especially strong that day, but I was quite certain that my prayer would make it through.)

Before I went to bed that night, I remembered that man once again in prayer. Then I climbed into my bed and fell asleep. While I slept, I dreamed.

It was a good dream, very dramatic (God knows how I like my drama). In my dream, I finished my work here on Earth, and with great excitement I greeted the angels who had come to escort me home. As we were on our way I noticed that one of the angels was looking a little flush, and my curiosity getting the better of me, I asked the angel if it had been a busy day?

Certainly has been,” the angel replied, “lots of souls to escort. You know, here and ‘there’. By the way, that was a really nice prayer you prayed for that man earlier this evening. And timely too. It seems his stay on Earth ended just a little before yours.”

Really,” I said, “So don’t just leave me hanging here, did he get in, or didn’t he?”

The angel turned his golden face now, so he could look right at me with eyes as sharp as crystal. I thought I might have seen a very slight twinkle in one of those beautiful eyes, or maybe, I thought (as a cool shiver slid down my back), just maybe it was a tear of heartfelt sorrow that I had seen. Before I could decide, however, exactly which one it was, the angel said in a voice both powerful and clear,

Well, you know, as it turns out…”

Writing On The Wall 11

2 thoughts on “Writing On The Wall 11

    1. It just seemed proper to let everyone make up their own minds about how that one should end.I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun piece to write. I’ll be over at your page later. thanks again.

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