Writing On The Wall 13

Well, hello. Nice to see everybody again. I don’t know exactly what that was that I just went through the last couple of days, but whatever it was, I’m very glad that it’s decided to move along, and go pester someone else for awhile. I sure do hope that you guys can all manage to dodge it, and for that matter, except for a few of those boys from ISIS, and maybe a politician or two, I’d be very happy if everybody could avoid this one. Have you noticed that in the last little while, when you do get a bug or whatever, they just don’t seem to be as easy to describe as they used to be. I mean, in the past, after having one of these things, you could say to your friends, “Yeah, I had the stomach flu for a few days, or a chest cold, or even Montezuma’s Revenge if you had been traveling in some parts of the world, but lately, you get knocked down, and then when you try to describe it, forget it. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and there just doesn’t seem to be words in English, or any other language that you’ve ever heard of that even comes close to describing what was going on with your body in the time that you were busy wishing you were dead. Anyway, just saying. But I did want to thank all of you who were concerned enough to drop a line asking how I was, that’s not something I’ve ever really experienced before in my life, so I thank you and assure you that this world can’t get rid of me that easily. With that said, and perhaps as a way of flexing my slightly stiff writing muscles, allow me to offer:

Have Mercy My Lord


Have mercy on my soul my Lord

Remove the sin that binds my heart

Teach me all that’s good and right

Purify me in Your sight.


Then I shall sing You joyous praise

And offer You my constant prayer

So when You open Heaven’s door

You’ll find this servant kneeling there.


                       Angelic hosts shall dance and cheer

To see indeed I made it there

    And when they ask the way I came

I will declare, ’twas by Your Name.

For there is nothing else I know

         In Heaven high or Earth below

                     That has the power of Salvation

                                    Exalted higher than every nation

                        Offered freely

                                             Though undeserved

                                                                                   The saving grace that is Your Word.


Oh take from me these senseless fears

Oh grant me eyes that truly see

This wondrous gift

You give to me.

And may the Honor, Glory, Power

Return to You this self-same hour

For only You are able Lord

To save us with Your mighty sword.


Let all that’s evil run and hide

But I’ll take shelter ‘neath the wings

Of He whose voice rang oh so true

And out of naught, made everything.


Have mercy on my soul my Lord

Remove the sin that binds my heart

Then fill that heart with Your love so true

So that I might finally love You.


A couple of these longer pieces I’ve been working on look like they may be getting close to completion, and one, regrettably, I scrapped completely, because I had rewritten it to the point of no longer recognizing it (it happens). But the ones I’ve kept, I like, so hopefully there’s something there. For now, everybody please stay safe, and healthy, and keep up the writing. I’ll keep up the reading, and I hope, my writing also. Take care, and have a great Holiday Season if you are not the Christian type, and a Merry Christmas if you are a Christmassy Christian, and may God Bless you richly and keep you always, if you are a Christian who’s not big on Christmas. I sure do miss the simpler days of yore. Lol. And now I had better get to my mail (as soon as I publish this). Until then…

Writing On The Wall 13

7 thoughts on “Writing On The Wall 13

      1. gaiainaction says:

        Lol, that is nice! It’s an old fashioned name, but I like the way that it can be translated into so many languages and still be quite good. We in Flemish pronounce it phonetically like this….anjes with the emphasis on jes.


      2. My Mother was French and the emphasis is on the first syllable Ag’nes. At least I think I’m doing that right. Since my Father was Polish, the only language they had in common was English, so I never learned either of their mother tongues (much to my regret).

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