Fleas Come Home for Christmas, Willie Tharpe

Just before getting on with today’s rather special offering, I wanted to mention that the usual vermicomposting article for today has been postponed for 1 week due to the holidays, and the hustle-bustle of the season. The article in question is a rather lengthy one also, and instead of rushing through it, I wanted to give it my best as I finished off what has been a pretty long write for myself, and a l..o..n..g read for anyone who has stuck it out with me to the bitter end. So if you can wait one more week, I’ll try not to disappoint you next Sunday as we conclude the matter right here, on one of my favorite blog-pages. 

One of my other regular Blog-stops every morning, however, is at the page of a lovely lady I know whose site is called Nutsrok. There is just no way you can have a bad day after reading one of lbeth’s wonderful little stories, although I have to warn you, she subscribes to that good old-fashioned brand of honest journalism that isn’t always for the faint of heart. But if you want a good hearty laugh in the morning, and a reminder of what the world looked like when you were still young enough to really care, then believe me, this is the site for you. So without any further ado, allow me to introduce you to, and now I’m stealing lbeth’s tag-line for a second: The humor and humanity of storytelling.


Daddy wasn’t just a magnet for strange characters.  He beat the bushes to flush them out.  If that hadn’t worked, I believe he’d have up tacked up posters.  Mother had no way of anticipating who he might drag in for supper, overnight, or until further notice.  I never did understand why she didn’t murder Daddy.  He must have slept sometime!

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Fleas Come Home for Christmas, Willie Tharpe

2 thoughts on “Fleas Come Home for Christmas, Willie Tharpe

    1. You won’t have any trouble finding them. lbeth usually writes a couple or more a day, so just check in at Nutsrok whenever you get a chance. She really is an amazing storyteller IMHO. I’m glad you enjoyed the reblog.


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