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With Christmas now nearly upon us, I wanted to get this one last reblog in from The Kindness Blog, because the way I see it, you can never have too much Kindness at Christmas. This particular post is also a special one, because it heralds the start of Josh Urban’s “The Kindness Exchange”, and I’ll let you find out just what that’s all about by reading the rest of the reblog. For my part in it, just know that in preparation for this reblog, tonight when I was picking up some take-out Chinese food for dinner, I took with me one of the neighborhood street people who was looking like they could use a hot meal, and after they made their selection, I simply paid for two meals instead of the usual one, and now I’m letting the world know “by mentioning it here and tagging it thus, #KindnessExchange“. So if you would like to join in, just read Josh’s article, and he’ll fill you in on all the details. Have a really great Christmas.

Kindness Blog

Team Kindness Blog is very proud and honoured to share the first guest post on Kindness Blog. Our guest today, Josh Urban, is an inspirational, Kindness-loving, rock musician from the Washington, DC area. He wants to share his wonderful plan to spread much-needed loving-kindness during the forthcoming holiday season. As such, we would very much appreciate if our wonderful readers can help us to spread this lovely idea far and wide.

So, without any further ado, we hand over to Josh…

The Kindness Exchange

The holidays aren’t always jolly and bright.  For those struggling with sickness, grief, sadness, poverty, or bad memories,  the darkness seems to follow the long nights, creeping in and knocking at the door like a bitter north wind.  Yet in this dead of winter, one of the most beautiful threads connecting the faiths that celebrate a holiday in December is the symbol of light in the…

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The Kindness Exchange – GUEST BLOG

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