Writing On The Wall 14

The Angelic Mission



As the sky grows so bright when the clouds blow away

So grow my thoughts when I think today

As the fawn nuzzles the doe in the high mountain clearing

There gently I stand,

Awaiting the call with all of my hearing

I stand and I wait,

In the silence I wait some more

My armor I bear,

My sword at my side,

My steed he does rear as he waits over there.

Across the large clearing directly due East

A bang shatters the silence, a huge flash can be seen

From out of the flash a large figure appears

At 7 foot four a bit shorter than me.

Perhaps a bit broader from shoulder to shoulder,

But we proved long ago that he’s not that much bolder.

He takes up a stance and I stand where I stay,

And we continue our vigil in the fast fading day.

The doe and her fawn have long since absconded

We’ve stood an hour,

While the symphony of the birds and squirrels has resounded.

When suddenly once more, a display of power.


This time to the South at the edge of the clearing

A bang that even threatens immortal hearing,

And a flash very similar to those seen before,

Now there are three armored Beings,

up high on the mountain floor.

And now their eyes slowly, all turn to the North,

Then looking back to each other,

They ask the unspoken question, “Where is the Fourth?“

With no need of speech just silently knowing

We gather our mounts and slowly start strolling,

We together reach center, grasp forearms in greeting,

It’s been such a long time since we three have been meeting.

I greet Gabriel and Uriel by their distinguished names,

They call me Raph, it’s some silly game

That got started before the Troubles became

The only thing on anyone’s mind.

And now no longer can it be put off

The reason we’ve been sent to roam

This planet that we’ve known and loved,

Created by our Lord above,

This planet the human race calls home,

But while they dwell in the physical plane,

Yet still they are not all alone.


There’s a spiritual realm in which we dwell

And when our Lord says that we may

We can cross into the physical side

In which you live and work and play.

So Gabriel and Uriel too,

And yes myself have come to stay

With you and yours this Christmastide,

And for tonight that’s all I may say,

But I will say more when next we speak

And of our mission I will explain

That which I can when ere I may

As soon as I can come again.

Until that time stay safe my friends

And know that we watch out for you,

Have a very Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year too!

                                                                                                 (to be continued…)

Writing On The Wall 14

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