Writing On The Wall 15

The Angelic Mission


The Mission


All through the night the troops came and they went,

The missives arrived, and missives were sent.

We each had our mission, knowing why we were here,

Not a thing left to chance, each detail made clear.

The meadow grew crowded with warriors upon steeds

In full battle armor with the weapons they’d need.

Gabriel would lead these, land-based warriors true,

While Uriel commanded those in the air where they flew.

Two lines of attack to hunt demons now hidden

A spiritual battle very soon to take place.

And I headed now, to where my presence was bidden,

For Michael had vanished without nary a trace.

As I strolled toward the edge of the mountain meadow, I stopped , and casting a backward glance over my right shoulder, I was just in time to see Gabriel, and the twelve mounted divisions, as a rift of shimmering blue brilliance, tore open the very atmosphere that stood immediately in the way of their march. The rift silently spread from the center outwards like two massive doors made of dazzling blue light, so blue as to pale the sky into insignificance, and without a sound, it continued to open until Gabriel and all twelve of the mounted divisions were safe within, at which time the doors of light quickly and quietly closed once more leaving no sign of the angel army, but only a bright slice of blue light perhaps twenty feet tall in the middle of the meadow. A moment later, the slice of light flipped over horizontally, and then the two ends raced each other to the middle, where their meeting was accompanied by a delicate little pop, and then it was gone, leaving no trace of the light, or the angels which it had so easily devoured. I redirected my gaze upwards, and was witness to a virtual reenactment of the same amazing drama as it unfolded once again, the only difference being that this time the subjects enfolded by the magnificent light were Uriel and the angels of the air that were under his command. Other than that difference, all else was the same, and I knew it was certainly beautiful to see, but nothing to be concerned about. It was just the fastest way for Gabriel and his troops to get to where they had to be, and for Uriel, and his troops to arrive at their destination. I too would be making use of the same mode of travel, but first I had some business to attend to.


Now alone in the meadow he humbly drops to his knees

Then face to the ground, when he knows he’s been seen,

By his siblings in heaven who now start to sing

As in his heart and his soul their voices now ring.

They send him their strength and they send him their love,

Assurances from their Heavenly Father above.

He will need all the strength that they have to spare

If it’s proven true what their spy did share,

That Michael his own name no longer knows,

Plus Michael thinks Raphael is the foe!

                                                                                                                   (To be continued…)

Writing On The Wall 15

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