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Part 2 – Main Article

With Christmas now having come and gone, and New Year soon to be upon us, I see that for myself a brief time of renewal has not only manifested in the hundred and three or four days that I have had this blog up and running, but this short period of renewal has actually pretty much already run its course. Just over three months ago, I had come to the decision that it was finally time to begin working in earnest on a project that I had put off for far too long, the writing of a novel that I had been approached about a very long time ago, and which in the procrastination that is a major component of the disability that I continually fight with, had been put off again and again, until I eventually reached a point where I wasn’t even sure I could still write anything of sufficient quality that anyone would want to read it. Thus, the idea of the Blog was to use it like daily exercise for those long unused writing muscles, and to see if I could still string a few interesting words together or not; to see if I could reach inside myself and find the means to fictionalize even slightly the true story that I really still have no desire to convey in non-fiction form. It seems to me, at this time, that the possibility is there.

So with the beginning of the New Year, I will start tackling things in a slightly different manner. I will certainly continue with the Blog looking quite similar to as it now appears, since it wouldn’t make sense to me to quit the exercise regimen that has seemed to work so well at getting me at least partially back into writing form. At my age, exercise is always a good thing, and never to be discarded at the mere drop of the proverbial hat. And there are, of course, a couple other reasons I will be continuing with the Blog, and they are as follows, though in no specific order I assure you.

  • I’ve just gotten underway with the combination Poem/Prose story “The Angelic Mission”, and having finally started a story in this format (something I’ve wanted to try for a long time), I would certainly rather not quit before I finish it.

  • I would miss all you guys something fierce, you really do a lot more for me than you could ever know (and I appreciate it from the bottom of my rapidly-beating heart).

  • Though they will never admit it, I think the staff at WP would really miss all my complaining about their new Stats page (or maybe not). Lol.

At any rate, what I will be doing differently, is that I will no longer actively be trying to expand the readership of my Blog. What this means is that I will be following the Blogs I have always followed, with whom I have struck up some sort of conversation, and therein lies the rub. Like I sort of said earlier, I’m not about to abandon people I’ve come to think of as my “friends”, or at least as acquaintances. But as for those blogs which I have been following, and even commenting on quite regularly over the last three months, who I never hear from, I will be removing those blogs from my reading list, and neither will I be seeking new blogs to replace them with. This should free up a sufficient amount of time that I can get much more writing into each day, because I’ve come to realize that I spend most of my time just reading and commenting on blogs, to the detriment of my own writing time. For those of you from whom I get the occasional reply, I consider this to be one of the most pleasurable experiences of each one of my otherwise extremely secluded days. For those of you who have never taken the time to reply, well, I strongly suspect that you won’t miss me anyway.

I think for myself this is the perfect solution, since even though its nice to know that people are interested in what I’m writing (and this might just be one of those weird times where I find myself being grateful to an illness), I’m more comfortable thinking about a few “friends” liking what I’m writing, than a whole bunch of strangers reading something that is quite often rather personal to me. And I think you’ll agree when I say that even not actively trying to enlarge your readership base, there will still be a certain amount of growth over time if the content is at all interesting. So that is one of the major things that shall be changing for me in the New Year.

Reading (apart from Blogs), is the other major change that will be taking place in my life come January 1, and I’ve already kind of started on that when I stopped using all the Social Networks except for Blogging a couple years ago. I just reached a point where I could no longer in good conscience consider Facebook, Twitter, or the rest of those type of networks as reading material. I had to remind myself that I was an English Lit./Psychology major in university, and lmao, omg, lol, and all the rest of that stuff is just not English, or any other language for that matter, and if my spell-checker can’t recognize it as such, then why should I. And if all these abbreviations weren’t bad enough (and yes, I am aware that I use a lot of contractions for an English Lit. major, but I never claimed to be Kim Darby {see, “True Grit”, the original}) we’ve given up on language completely at times in favor of little smiley faces and hearts in place of extremely long four-letter words like love. So now I’m reading more. Real reading, like Blogs, which at times contain excellent reading. But also novels, because sometimes it takes more than 2000 words to tell a story. I’m also reading a lot more because that’s what you do if you want to write a lot more. In my humble opinion, nothing goes more hand in hand than reading and writing.

And yet another change, and this one is linked very closely to no longer worrying about enlarging the readership, and that is what I refer to as the “Free-Range Calender Principle”. A fancy term I just invented that simply means I won’t be held to any firm schedule because as much as I love Blogging, the writing has to come first. I’m really old and I’m running out of time. O.K., I’m not that old, and time is only strolling, but I can’t type, except with two or three fingers at a time, and that’s only when they’re not mad at each other. So it’s really slow going at times. No, it’s really slow going ALL the time. But I’m getting better, and when I really get in the groove, I can actually rattle off something like 30 words a minute. It really helps though if there’s no capitals, or punctuation, and if spaces are optional. If the letters have to form words that can be read by the average adult, that can slow me down a little bit, but like I said, I’m getting better. So, basically, I plan to be doing a lot more serious reading of novels and non-fiction writing, and Blogs that actually appreciate my presence, and a lot more writing, some of which you will see if you choose to check out my Blog, and some that won’t be available for public consumption any time soon, but if the time should ever arrive that it is getting close to being there, I will certainly let you know.

Now I know I said I wouldn’t be keeping to any set schedule, and essentially, that’s the way it is. The reason for that mainly has to do with the way that I’ve always done my best writing. I’ve never been able to work from an outline, actually giving up an automatic 5% of every mark in university for failure to hand one in with any writing assignment I was ever given. It was simply understood that no outline would be accompanying my work, and it was also understood on my part that all I could ever expect, even were I to receive a perfect mark, was 95%, since there was no outline handed in with the assignment. As such, when I do get on a roll while I’m writing, and everything starts to flow, it can be very dangerous for me to stop writing before the blast of creativity has burnt itself out, since when I decide to come back to it, I don’t have an outline which I can refer to, that can remind me just exactly where I had been heading with that particular train of thought, that I had, just a little earlier, been riding so swiftly. So once my pen starts to fly, it’s best for my sake to just let it go until that particular thought is complete, or the pen runs out of ink.

But with all that said, I will be trying to post a new instalment roughly once every two days or so. It takes me approximately that much time to put together another piece of the continuing story that I’m working on, answer the mail from those of you who I actually correspond with, and leave myself time for personal reading and, of course, writing. That is, however, a rough estimate, and it will be subject to trial for the first little while. I may have to switch it to once every three days. I really won’t know until I try. And there is also the other side of that same coin, which is that as I get more and more practised at doing these things daily again, and as my typing picks up speed, I may be able to knock a day off here and there. So the point is that the time between new instalments could fluctuate a little one way or the other, and we won’t really know until we see how everything goes. I guess the main thing I’m trying to say is that if you don’t see a new post for a couple days running, I probably haven’t vanished, or been kidnapped by aliens, but I’m probably just a little wrapped up in my writing for a bit, and will most likely turn up very soon.

And so there we have it. I’d like to thank “A Mama’s View” once again for her kind nomination of myself for this award, it’s been a real hoot answering the questions in Part 1, and now writing this article in Part 2. I hope you fine people will check out the submissions of those who I in turn nominated, you can find all their names in Part 1 of this article, and their submissions will be getting published on January 5, 2015. I know how well each of these people write, and I highly recommend reading their offerings. I know I’ll be reading them. So everyone take care, stay healthy, and have a great, and a very SAFE New Year. We’ll read you later.

Tour Through Blogland

6 thoughts on “Tour Through Blogland

  1. Thank you for sharing some of your plans and goals with us. I humbly think it’s a good plan, and I sincerely hope you’ll be able to make progress on your novel! Like you, WordPress is the only social media I use (I’m proud to say I’ve never had a Facebook or Twitter account…I guess I’m ‘old fashioned’ in that I value privacy) and I’ve been very fortunate to have met some wonderful folks – including you! – and have an overall positive experience here.
    Please continue to take care, and hope you know you have a loyal reader in Japan 🙂
    Best wishes,


    1. Thank you very much Takami, it’s very nice of you to say so. I’ll be giving it my best, and have even purchased a dictation program to help me speed things up a little as far as the typing goes. It will take a little getting used to, but already I can see where it will be of benefit, and I may not have to cut down as much as I thought I was going to have to. So please take care of yourself, keep taking those great photos, and I’ll check it out later. Thanks again for all your support.


  2. gaiainaction says:

    I really enjoyed reading your writing today, and the brain fog was not too bad so that I could read it all in one go. I truly wish for you to concentrate on writing your (true story) novel, and I tell you why I wholeheartedly believe so. There was a time that I would only read non-fiction, out of choice, I had no feel or respect for fiction at all, in fact I probably looked down on it. But working in the library, bit by bit I sort of tried a novel. And to my surprise I found it very good and interesting reading, it’s not all unbelievable fairy stories, no, I found it to be very often, a truth that could not be told in a non-fiction book, but could well be told in a fiction, a novel! I became enthusiastic about recommending novels that would be very good at that, many modern novels are, and even the classics can tell us a lot about social history. I’ve read some very good novels about the terrible conditions that some women live under in Afghanistan/Pakistan or India, very enlightening. Since I am converted to the novel, and since you are telling us that your novel will tell a story that you are not ready to tell in a non-fiction, I for one will be very interested in reading it. And I wish you the very best with your writing in the New Year.


    1. I guess when I replied to this in my email I should’ve replied to it here, because it looks like my reply went directly to you. That’s alright though, as long as you got. If you didn’t, please let me know, but I’m sure it went through.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. gaiainaction says:

        Thank you I got your reply via email. Yes I did not even think of telling you about this very thing, the software that lets you speak your written work into the laptop and it writes for you. My partner uses it all the time and it works a treat. I hope it works out for you too and I am sure that it will make your writing much easier.


      2. Yes it is working better each and every time I use it, and I think I’m falling in love with this program to tell you the truth. I can get through my mail in about half the time that I was getting through it before, and as I learned more and more of the commands and the ins and outs of the program I’m sure things will just continue to get better and better. So it looks like things are looking up for the New Year’s already. You have a great day and I’ll read you later.

        Liked by 1 person

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