Writing On The Wall 16

 The Angelic Mission


Meeting With The Mongols

The Mongols were gathered on the steep Russian Steppes,

The year was not quite twelve oh seven just yet,

Some stood tall and so strong, some sat straight on their horses,

Some squatted stiff-backed, some patrolled at the borders

As together so silently they awaited their orders.

The river Onon flowed muddy, the leaders circled in

A great warrior known as Temujin,

But from that day on, for he had proven his worth

He would be Genghis Khan, “the Lord of the Earth”.

And mankind was to rue the day of his birth.

Several years had passed since that fateful day on the Onon River, and the Khan and and his people had travelled so far and so fast that if anyone were to be as impertinent as to ask him, the best he could tell them right at the moment is that they were somewhere in Central Asia. They simply moved from one settlement to another conquering each one in turn. After each victory they would settle down and in a camp his people would take their rest while he and his scouts would search out the next settlement, determine what technology they had that he and his people could use, search out their weaknesses and the breaches in their defences, and then when the time was right, he would return and conquer another city, village, or town, whatever it may be in this particular instance.

As the Mongols milled about in the valley, erecting their tents, digging their fire pits as they began the preparations for the evening meal, and just lazing about as they rested up from the exertion of the earlier battles, they were so occupied with themselves that they never saw the bluish glow emanating from the evening sky above the hilltops surrounding the valley in which they were so occupied with their preparations. But there were others in the valley besides the Mongols. These others could not be seen by the Mongols, nor could they be seen by any other human, or for that matter, by any other physical being of any kind. No horse could see them, no bird of the air, no crawling creature. No physical being whatsoever could see these millions of other creatures that literally crowded the valley with their presence. If, on the other hand, you were a spiritual being yourself, then you could probably see these creatures, but it still most likely wouldn’t do you any good if you were going to try and describe them.

The problem with trying to describe a spiritual being who hasn’t deliberately set about copying a physical form is that a spiritual being has no form to begin with.

As water twixt the fingers flows

And vapour escapes the clutching hand,

As passing thoughts once here are gone

Spirits wraith-like tread the land.

No form, no shape, no substance shared,

Never seen, they can’t be drawn,

Hearing all, they can’t be heard,

Unnoticed, yet they carry on.

And yet, in their own inimitable way, one spiritual creature can always see another. It has more to do with sensing them than seeing them, but once we do lock our attention on to another creature of a spiritual nature, the image that manifests within our minds could very often be said to be that of a physical presence. We do to all intents and purposes see the other, and very often what we see, would send the bravest human running for cover (no offence meant). Even those of us that you consider beautiful, the Guardian Angels, are so fearsome looking in their sheer size, that if you recall your Bible stories, it is almost inevitable that every time one of you humans meets one of us in any of those encounters that the Bible tells you of, the very first words that the angel has to speak are usually of the nature of, “Do not be afraid…”. I know this from first-hand experience, and I was only bringing the person some really good news.

But to get back to what I was saying, the valley was full of these spiritual creatures which I’m sure you’ve guessed by now were demons. Even though the Mongols couldn’t see the demons, and even though the Mongols hadn’t noticed the bluish haze upon the mountains, the demons had noticed the light, and they knew exactly what it was. Without any hesitation, a good portion of the demon horde started moving like a flood-water towards the tops of the hills directly at the blue light. As they moved they started to scream and as they moved faster their screams grew louder. Unfortunately for Uriel and his airborne troops, they were still unaware that they were about to step out of that time warp right into the face of several hundred thousand very upset demons.

                                                                                                                                                    (To be continued…)

Writing On The Wall 16

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