Writing On The Wall 17

The Angelic Mission


The Skirmish


As Uriel’s angels the demons met

Above the hills high in the air,

The Mongols in the valley green,

Carried on without a care.


The demons shrieked and swarmed the light,

Trying to shield their eyes from this holy sight.

They tore with claws and ripped with teeth,

And all the while they shrieked and screamed.


The angels stood firm within their ranks,

They took the time to give God thanks,

For the chance to serve their Heavenly King,

Then in one voice true, they began to sing.


They sang a song as old as time,

They sang a song of perfect rhyme,

And as each note the truth did tell,

Another demon warrior fell.


They fell down on the valley floor,

A wisp of smoke, they were no more.

And as they fell in numbers grand,

A cloud of smoke covered the land.


The smoke that hovered far and wide,

Could not be seen by the Mongol eyes.

Nor could they see the remaining demons

that had failed to enter into the war,

Raging high above the valley floor.


Those demons that did not join the fight,

Were faced with yet another plight,

To tempt the Mongol population,

Was the demon’s occupation.


If they were to leave them there,

And join the battle in the air,

All the progress they had made,

They’d have to make another day.


And this would not go over well,

With the one whom they did serve,

Asmodeus this demon’s name,

Excruciating pain,… this demon’s game.


“Uriel!” The one single spiritual exclamation cut through all the screaming and screeching, the assorted sounds of battle, and even silenced the singing of the angels. Though the Mongols in the valley couldn’t quite hear the sound with their human ears, each and every one of them felt a cold shiver run up their spine, and all the little hairs on the back of their necks stood straight up on edge. For just a second, they all stopped what they were doing, and then, a little uneasily, they resumed their activities.

Uriel, sensing the powerful presence even as it manifested itself somewhere to the rear of the angelic lines, slowly drew himself up to his full height. He had already recognized the voice, and as he slowly turned, giving the angels at the back the opportunity to part like the Red Sea before Moses’ staff, he answered in a voice completely controlled yet at the same time incredibly powerful, “Asmodeus, I thought my brother Raphael sentenced you to 1000 years in the pit for plaguing Tobit’s wife to be?”

“Well you know how it is,” Asmodeus snarled, “Time flies when you’re having a good time.”

Now Uriel was approaching Asmodeus slowly but deliberately where he stood at the back of the angelic lines. Glancing down at the pass that led into the valley, he saw Genghis Khan himself, and a small party of scouts and warriors as they returned to the encampment in the valley below. Apparently they had been checking out a small village that was situated at the end of the same path that they were returning on now. The village sat nestled in a rather protected little gorge, but it would certainly be no match for the Khan and his hoards. And apparently Asmodeus had been travelling with Genghis Khan and the war party, leaving the main body of the Mongol followers under the control of the lesser demons.

Having reached his objective, and now standing only about a foot or so in front of Asmodeus, Uriel fixed his gaze on his foe and said rather quietly, in a very dangerous tone, “Do not be impertinent with me, demon”.

The creature did his best to maintain his show of bravado, but try as he might he could not squelch the slightest little flinch that he knew was as plain as day to each and every one of the angels surrounding him. The shame and embarrassment he felt at his own fear didn’t do anything for his personality as he said to Uriel, “So what is it you want angel, the time has not come for the Reckoning, and you are in my territory, interfering with my plans!?”

“There is a village at the end of that path down there; I believe you just came back from that village. Well if that village, or any of the people in it are any part of your plan, then I guess you’re going to need a new plan, because that village and everyone in it are under my Father’s protection.”

“Why”, Asmodeus asked,” what is so special about that village? Who is it in that village that you’re trying to protect?”

Uriel answered him, “That is none of your affair demon, just know, if any harm comes to anyone in that village at all, then the next time we meet it won’t be with singing, but with swords drawn and your day of reckoning will indeed have arrived.”

“But I can’t always control him,” Asmodeus said in a voice that had just a little more whine in it than he would have liked to admit, “this human is a strong one, and sometimes he does what he wants to do whether it’s what I want him to do or not.”

“Then for your sake Asmodeus, you better hope that this is one of those times that you can control him. This is not open for negotiation, no one gets hurt and nothing happens to the village. So maybe you better get down there and start doing whatever it is you do.”


Now in the village at the end of the path,

The people rest beneath the setting sun,

They may never know that they’ve been spared,

And not just they, but especially one.


Her life is hers, to live then begin,

Children’s children several times again,

Until at last the one is born,

Who all her people have been born for.


By assuring that this one will live,

When Michael meets his brother Rafe,

In ways that only God can know,

Saving this village, will keep Rafe safe.

                                                                (to be continued…)

"The Lions" as seen from Crab Park Overpass.
“The Lions” as seen from Crab Park Overpass.

Writing On The Wall 17

4 thoughts on “Writing On The Wall 17

  1. Congratulations, dearest David, what a story you are crafting here! Soothing glory that really helps scare away the darkness from my soul.

    These lions guarding the overpass accentuate the epicness of your fiction. Thank you also for all your lyrical balm; Celtic melodies always take my breath away, and I wouldn’t have heard about this legendary Canadian family if it wasn’t for you.

    God bless you always, my brother. Leon


    1. Thank you for the kind words Leon, they are always much appreciated. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the story and I hope I can continue to keep it interesting. Those Lions are the landmarks that Capt. Vancouver first saw when he sailed into the harbour and since they reminded him of the lions outside the parliament buildings in England, that’s what he chose to name them. I hope 2015 is finding you healthy and happy, keep up the great writing, and I’ll read you later.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you also for the historical background of the naming of these peaks above your astonishingly beautiful city, David. I greatly appreciate a journey into the past.

        Please never worry about keeping any of your stories interesting. Just continue joyously on your healing creative path. I, like you, have studied English language and literature as well as psychology, but we are loving people here, not literary critics, and everything you write is truly fascinating to me. I am certain your future audiences will have the same opinion, because you are always true to yourself and to the sacred in you.

        I am healthy and happy thanks also to You, my Brother. My share of divine light is always on your side.
        Blessings on blessings for 2015 and beyond.


      2. Your correspondence always warms this old man’s heart, and I can truly feel your presence here with me. Know that my prayers are with you always, and you are never far from my thoughts. May 2015 bring you everything you are hoping for and may the glory of the spiritual realm always overshadow these lesser physical fields in which we journey for but a while. Take care now, and we’ll speak again later.

        Liked by 1 person

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