Writing On The Wall 18

The Angelic Mission


Initial Plans For Raphael

Having drawn much strength from the Heavenly realm,

Sitting ‘neath an Elm, Rafe laid down his helm,

His mighty sword and breastplate too.

Upon the grass so green, beneath the sky so blue.

He did not know what ailed his friend,

They had always been comrades, from the start to the end.

They had protected God’s children from the dangers they faced,

Having been granted much strength, by their Father’s great grace.

Sometimes together and sometimes alone,

Both here on the earth, and in their spiritual home,

Awaiting the call, receiving their orders,

Perhaps it was demons storming the borders,

Or maybe a Hitler, a Manson, a Ripper,

Or maybe a tanker sailed by a drunk skipper.

Perhaps a runaway child about to be harmed,

By a person pure evil with too much pure charm.

Or out in the street in sub-zero weather,

Bringing the homeless, and the social-worker together.

From in the beginning right up to the end,

Their services needed again and again,

For an angel there was no such thing as time,

They did not age, get sick, or die.

Yet in the midst of war, they still could fall,

No more to answer the battle summons,

But to live out their lives somewhat sad and sullen,

No more to fly, with withered wings,

No more to find things interesting,

Until the final day of Reckoning,

When answering the Lord’s beckoning,

Each one would be restored, and once more they would sing.

Raphael let out an involuntary sigh as he let the midday sun soak into his weary bones. Of course, he knew his bones weren’t really weary, the physical form he had assumed was in perfect shape, but mentally he was somewhat stressed out because of the situation with Michael. At least as stressed-out as an angel can be. Both Michael and Raphael were members of the original seven archangels, and as such they had been together since the beginning of time. In that malleable way that spiritual beings relate to time, Rafe and Michael had also been together right up until the end of time, so Raphael was having to exert a great deal of effort at getting his head around the fact that Michael now thought of him as an enemy.

Under that Elm, Raphael sat throughout the night, and if it was possible for anyone to see him sitting there, they would’ve thought that he was getting very little accomplished. On the contrary, however, Rafe was extremely busy. The first thing he had done was contact Uriel and confirm that the first part of his friend’s mission had in fact been accomplished. Once he was assured that that little task was out of the way, he had spent the next several hours sending a part of his consciousness here and there throughout time, to each of the battles that Michael had been involved in over the years. Due to the small part of his consciousness that he sent to attend at each of these battles, he was able to remain unnoticed as he carefully observed every tiny little move that made up Michael’s battle strategy on each of these occasions. And it was not just the physical moves that he studied. Though spiritual beings and physical beings are both in actuality just different forms of energy, spiritual beings are an energy form that is much closer to being pure. As such, with Michael being unaware of Raphael’s presence, and thus failing to set up any barriers, or obstacles to prevent intrusion, Raphael could study Michael’s psychological moves just as easily as he studied the physical moves that Michael made. In these earlier trips it was entirely Michael’s fighting style and techniques that Rafe was studying.

The last hour and a half before sunrise, Raphael continued with the out of body trips, but now the objective was slightly different. Now he was hunting. Rafe was trying to locate where Michael was right at this particular moment, trying to discover what Michael was up to and exactly what was happening with him. He was searching geographically, he was searching through time, and he was even searching through space, but all to no avail. As of yet, he could not locate him. Michael was nowhere to be found. Raphael just didn’t understand it, Michael had to be somewhere, and if he was anywhere at all, then Rafe should have been able to zero in on him without any effort at all. And for whatever reason, there was no help coming from Heaven-side. Rising to his feet, Raphael gathered his armor and his weapons, and as he slowly and methodically began dressing, he said very quietly under his breath, “Don’t worry Michael, I’ll find you, and when I do… I’m bringing you home”.

                                                                                                                         (To be continued…)

Writing On The Wall 18

8 thoughts on “Writing On The Wall 18

    1. I had been wanting to try and tell a story in this fashion for quite a while, and now that I’ve got it started it seems to be flowing quite well. It takes me a little while to get each section ready and though most people may not have noticed, I’ve been going back to the earlier sections and making minor corrections. But all in all I am quite happy with it, and I think it will be interesting to see how far I can take it. I am glad you’re enjoying it. Have a great week-end.

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  1. A particularly good instalment, David.

    The way you render those instances of Archangelic intervention in your poetic list, is deeply moving to me.
    I have always thought of the universe in terms of this interplay between different energetic densities; we are all participants on all realms of creation, directly or indirectly, and it’s such a shame that we are made to feel so small and powerless. I had to smile bitterly with this “they would’ve thought that he was getting very little accomplished”, with how readily and thoughtlessly we have this Protestant accusation smacked in our faces.

    And the music… Especially Don Henley’s elegy; it gave me the goosebumps again! I played it about a dozen times today, after twenty five whole years I hadn’t listened to it. I don’t believe we should be bashing ourselves for the destruction of our world, though, or working against anyone, but we do bear a responsibility in staying alert and aware, careful of low-vibration entities storming our level of temporary existence and hijacking our minds, driving us into nihilism. With transcendent faith in our hearts, we are no one’s victims.

    Please take as much of your precious time as you need for the next instalments, because your epicolyrical story is worth every bit of it, and keep taking care of everything else in your life, with my loving thoughts always shielding you from the dark.
    You matter, Brother.

    P.S. I also thank you for offering feedback to our Singaporean sister Tienny who is insecure with her meager English and so unable to reply as intelligently as she would like to, that sometimes she may be reluctant to reply at all. Many people do this, especially our dear sisters whose essence gets cruelly diminished in our patriarchal world. Lily of FracturedGalaxies can also be doing this; she is the sweetest soul who has suffered a lot with anorexia nervosa and depression, and feels socially uncomfortable (and I have not always succeeded in keeping her warm and helping her unfold, not even with me, due to our grave survival problem here and some discomfort I have created with my wife who does not have my style of emotional expression). So please do not get feel rejected or get plagued by any self-doubts if you do not receive replies sometimes, as long you know that you have honestly given of yourself. I also used to be very rigid before I started blogging a year ago, rejecting smileys and all “immature” communication patterns, but with the help of a few blessed girls and ladies, I have found out just how important all expressions of emotional intelligence can be for the bridging of gaps and the healing of all our hearts. We must be listening very carefully to our sisters to help them glow. I thank you for working with me, David.


    1. I thank you for your wonderful correspondence Leon, but at this moment I’m going to have to beg off on a reply as I am expecting my nephew to walk in at any moment and I don’t want to rush what i have to say to you (I would also like to read your e-mail once again). So I’ll ask you for just a little patience, and I’ll get a reply out to you very soon.

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    2. Now that I have everything taken care of I can thank you for your kind letter. I know exactly what you mean with Mister Henley’s music, he always is pretty quick to put us down and although I like his lyrics, I do wish he would offer a solution on occasion rather than just complain all time. As for the role that we play in my little story, don’t you worry about it just yet, because I can assure you that we don’t just sit around doing nothing. The story may be labelled Christian fiction, but that doesn’t mean I have to be ridiculous. And as it is, the story is a long long way from finished. As for the two ladies you mentioned, there is no pressure at all for either one of them to reply, I am always happy to get the email if they decide to send it, and I am in no way offended if they should choose not to. As I am sure you know by now I don’t do very well on the communication scale either, which is probably why it’s a good thing I can tell a story when I have to. For now, everybody take care, and I’ll be keeping all of you in my thoughts. I truly hope 2015 becomes a really good year for everybody. God bless, and will read you later.

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