Real Men Don’t Slap

A few minutes ago I tried to re-blog a post from a friend’s site called “Brooding In The Tepid Dusk” , but the video I was trying to re-blog just kept messing up again and again once I got it over here.  So finally I trashed the re-blog, figuring I would try it again, only to discover that I can’t re-blog the same article twice.  So what I did was I located the video on YouTube, and having downloaded it to my media files, I’m now prepared to play here.  So my apologies to my friend, you know who you are, but I really did try and I’m just not sure what the glitch was.  But I really did think the video was worth showing to as many people as we could get it out to, so for all those who are interested, here it is, and I assure you, it really is worth a few minutes of your time. And for those of you who would prefer to watch it at my friend’s site (I’ve heard rumors that she’s a better conversationalist than me), please just follow the link I provided up top there for your benefit. I hope you enjoy the video, I know I did.


8 thoughts on “Real Men Don’t Slap

    1. I’m very glad that you enjoyed the video, it was shown to me by a friend of mine named Lauren, and once I saw it I knew I had to re-blog it. I was actually thinking about sending Lauren over to your site tonight to see the video there because I thought she would enjoy that one very much.

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      1. Thank you very much my friend, I’m sure that will be greatly appreciated by Lauren, and if I could play a part in introducing each of your sites, one to the other, then I will be very happy, for I know I have found a great amount of joy at both of those sites. Thanks again.

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    1. No problem, there is never a rush, you can always get to it in your own time. I’m sure Lauren will also appreciate hearing from you. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I agree with you that it does give one hope for our future, doesn’t it?


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