A Sunny Day Gallery

Well, as I mentioned yesterday in my poem, the weather here in Vancouver was bright and sunny, so taking my camera I went out for a rather long stroll, and as I was roaming about town, I managed to click a fair number of pictures.  So having sorted through them, I thought I might just take the ones I like the best and share them with you today in a gallery.  I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I’m really hoping that the weather holds for today, because if it does I have a special day-trip planned that should really let me get a lot of great shots, but it’s really pretty much weather-dependent, so we’ll just have to wait and see. In the mean-time, I hope everyone is healthy, and happy, and keeping safe. I also hope you are all keeping up the great writing, and photography, so I have lots to read and see when I check in on you all a little later. God Bless, and we’ll see you then.



10 thoughts on “A Sunny Day Gallery

    1. I just stepped in the door this very moment after spending the whole afternoon down by the beach (the sun finally came out, a little late for what I wanted to do, but with enough time to check out the beach), and I should have those shots ready for tomorrow. I wish I could get some sun out to you, and everybody else whose asking (I thought Tokyo was always sunny). Well, we’ll see what we can do on the visual side of things. See you then.

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      1. Tokyo is often sunny in the spring and summer, but last year was a particularly wet one, with more typhoons than usual 😦 Although I don’t mind cloudy days, or even rainy days every now and then, I do start to miss the sun when it decides to go on holiday 😉 I’ll definitely look forward to seeing your newest photos!


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