Beach Trilogy Part 3

I just wanted to give everybody a quick heads up, so that if you don’t receive any replies to your emails or your comments for the next couple days, it’s not because I’ve been kidnapped by aliens or anything like that, but simply because for the rest of this weekend I’m going to be taking some time off to get a couple things looked after before I go in on Monday to see what these doctors can do about this nerve damage in my left arm.  Except for a pretty steady buzzing, the darn things been sound asleep for the last couple months or so, and call me silly if you will, but I figure if I’ve got to be awake, so does he.  I should still be getting one more gallery put out (I think), simply because I’ve already got it in draft form and it’s just a matter of publishing it, and I will get one or two email answered if they’re of a more urgent nature, but other than that, I’ll pretty much be missing in action for a day or two.  So everybody just enjoy the weekend, and I should be back bright and early sometime on Tuesday or so.  And now on with today’s post.

Having broken the collection of photographs from a single day at the beach into three separate portions, I guess the time has come to take a look at the final third.  As I’m sure you remember, on the first day of our little trilogy, we took a look at a couple of the smaller populations that live at the beach on a full-time basis.  There were the barnacles, and a community of seaweed. Yesterday, on day two of the trilogy, we took a look at my favourite reading room which consists of a small hill, a not so small tree, a few other trees, and the general environment in the immediate vicinity.  We also looked at some rather large wedding rings and one or two teaser pictures of some Canadian geese, which I’ve come to understand are actually Russian geese, who having braved a trip over the Bering Straits, are now spending the winter here in the warmer climates of Canada. Whoda thunk it.  🙂

So, you ask, what could that possibly leave us for today?  Well, what that leaves us, is the rest of the plant life that I photographed on the way to the beach, and the pictures that I took while I was actually strolling, and not specifically taking pictures of tiny little animals, or great big trees. Mainly some landscapes, a few shots of some ships in the harbour, those that remain of my Russian geese friends as they continued to ham it up, and even some mallards as they took a leisurely swim in the water.  Then we mustn’t forget the rocks, and the driftwood, and people sitting on the rocks, and maybe even a seashell or two.  We also have a couple sailboats racing each other in the glare of the sun as they try to beat each other to the bridge, and we have a couple shots of the bridge that they are racing towards. And then of course there may be one or two that I’ve completely forgotten, and those will come as just as much a surprise to me as to you. But all in all that should wrap it up for the pictures I took on my beach-stroll that day, and after that, I’ll just have to hope for another sunny day I guess.  So I hope everybody is ready for at least one more little walk, and for those of you who have been lacking in sunshine for a while, here’s hoping we can brighten up your day at least a little.  As for the rest of you who already have your own sunshine, here’s a little more.  After all, you can never have too much sunshine.  😉

So have a really great week-end, and I’ll see you as soon as I get back from my couple days off, probably on Tuesday or so. Stay safe and healthy, and keep up all the great writing. I’ll read you later.


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