I’ve Got Eggs Too

The other morning while I was having my first coffee of the day, and catching up on all my regular blogs, I happened to wander over to my favourite chicken coop so that I could look in and see what dear young Mother Hen was up to.  You see, she really is one of my favourite bloggers, never failing to put a smile on my face and get my day off to a good start.  On this particular morning I arrived to find that the wonderful lady in question had gone into the moviemaking business and from what I saw at first glance, she was looking to compete with Stephen King no less.  What else could I think when her post was titled “The Mystery of the Monster Egg“.  Well, I’ll tell you, the video lived up to its name, the suspense was almost unbearable, and the climax left my heart palpitating at a rate best reserved for salsa dancing.  It was only because God really likes me that I even survived the experience.

But survive it I did, and after doing so, it occurred to me that when I grow up I want to be just like Mother Hen.  Then it occurred to me, that I was grown up, and already older than Mother Hen.  And then it occurred to me, that we were alike in another way also.  You see, Mother Hen raises chickens, and chickens lay eggs.  Well me, I raise worms, and worms lay eggs.  So I thought since Mother Hen showed off her eggs, maybe I should show off my eggs, and then I could be just like Mother Hen, except older, and not as funny or as good-looking, or stuff.  So here we go, the first two pictures are of the eggs, and the next three pictures, are of the stuff I have to look through to find the eggs.  Just in case anybody is interested, each of the eggs is about the size of the head of a pin, and can contain anywhere between one and twenty spawn, but the usual average number is four.  The “stuff” that I have to look through is partially eaten cardboard, newsprint, peat moss, and assorted food scraps.  In this current state, it’s a very rough vermicompost, but pretty soon the percentage of worm cast is going to be high enough that I’m going to have to remove the worm population and give them some fresh bedding to live in.

So there you go, now I can be just like my hero, Mother Hen.  Of course, her eggs are a lot larger than mine, and at least some people would say the food they produce is tastier to eat , but despite the fact that mine are teeny-weenie little eggs, they’re much more prolific than the ones the chickens lay, and either one of my bins could contain thousands of these little suckers at any one time;  the math is simply incredible.  And oh, there is one other point of similarity that some people might find interesting, though many others might just find gross, so I am warning you now that what follows is not for the more delicate among us.  One of my worms favourite foods could be found in the chickens toilets, if chickens used toilets, but I’m sure you get my meaning.

And that’s it for now, I’ve got a whole bunch of pictures that need to be sorted, and I’ve got to try and get that done while all I can hear is the noise coming from the worm bins as those oversexed worms are getting frisky again.  I guess they’re trying to replace the eight eggs I took out.  In the meantime, everybody stay healthy, and happy, and keep up all the great writing.  I’ll read you later.

I’ve Got Eggs Too

20 thoughts on “I’ve Got Eggs Too

    1. So I just got in touch with City Farmer, and as I suspected, they also buy the bins ready made, but the young lady told me they needed some replacements themselves a couple years ago, and after a little bit of searching, they brought a sample into a hardware store that had no problem in supplying them with a couple dozen of the little suckers. So I’m thinking any place with a good selection of pvc products, and you could probably even find the name for the piece in an on-line pvc catalog. I used to just drill holes and hot-glue screen onto the inside of the bin, so when I first saw these inserts, I too thought they were ideal.

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    1. Those two bins are the ones I picked up at “City Farmer Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden” and though they appear to be exactly what you said, I don’t know whether they make their own bins, or buy them from a supplier. But they are really great people to talk too, and if I didn’t mess up the link, you should be able to get ahold of them at that location. If you can’t, let me know, and I’ll make it the destination for one of my next walks. I always love checking out that place anyway, and it would make a great post, since the day I was there to pick up those bins, it was raining cats and dogs, and I had company with me.


  1. Awww that is awesome!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a glowing review and shout out!! You have used the term “young” rather loosely, but that’s ok… I’ll take it! 😀 And you raise worms? That is awesome! Do you sell them? … I keep getting this image from Dumb and Dumber in my head …

    Not that you are Lloyd Christmas or anything… I just love that scene, though, so it’s worth a repeat of “I Got Worms!” Your info on worm raising is actually very interesting – and I agree with your above comment about hearing them move… I think I would relocate them pretty quickly in that case as well! Best of all, though, your worms compost down the scraps and make themselves pretty useful in their own way! By the way, I could use a few thousand of your worm eggs to go to work on the bottom of my chicken hutch… plenty of good eatin’ in there! 🙂

    Brilliant post, my wonderful blog buddy – you are the BEST, you know that? The BEST!! xx Mother Hen


    1. Actually, I am a little surprised that you don’t my good friend. It’s a common American practice to have worm pits underneath the hutches. They not only devour the waste, and deodorize it in the process, but the residue is perfect for your garden or house plants. Not to mention all the hungry worms of the world that you will be helping. 😉 And by the way, any time I can be compared to my fellow Canadian Mr. Carrey, I’ll take it as high praise (Mr. Christmas is another story, but I’ll think about it since he likes worms 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Mother Hen Diaries and commented:
    Awww what a lovely shout out and “tribute” post from my Canadian blog-buddy up at Vancouver Visions – turns out we have “EGGS” in common! What a fab little read, and as always, he is a lot of fun and such a sweetheart… Thanks, Brian… you’re a peach! Mother Hen

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    1. I’ve got versions of that tune by 4 different artists, and (with my apologies to Procol Harem) the covers by Annie Lennox and Joe Cocker are the only two I ever listen to.


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