The Two Lumberjacks

I thought the message here was just too good to pass up. Whenever I look around me and I see the whole world running around like crazy, I appreciate my age a little more, and the enjoyment I can get out of taking a rest in the middle of the day. I realize, of course, that not everyone has that particular option, since not everyone has the option of being at home all day, but for those times that you do have available, when you can sneak the time in for yourself, trust me, a short little nap is very often the best exercise a person can get. And napping isn’t always required. Sometimes, I listen to one or two special tunes that I find particularly relaxing, or read a few passages from a sacred text, or a book of poetry or prose. And most often of all, I just sit quietly, and then take the time to really consider the thoughts that drift into my mind. I consider why those specific thoughts should occur to me just then, while I am so relaxed, and what it is about them that my mind seems to think, needs consideration, or attention. And sometimes, the answer surprises me. And right now, having just looked out my window, I think I’m going to take my rather stiff little arm and do my best to forget about it while I engage in one of my favorite photographic pastimes, “Cloud Chasing”, which is sort of like “Storm Chasing” in better weather without the danger.

Morning Story and Dilbert

MS&D Vintage Dilbert
January 17, 2015

It was the annual lumberjack competition and the final was between an older, experienced lumberjack and a younger, stronger lumberjack. The rule of the competition was quite simply who could fell the most trees in a day was the winner.

The younger lumberjack was full of enthusiasm and went off into the wood and set to work straight away. He worked all through the day and all through the night. As he worked, he could hear the older lumberjack working in another part of the forest and he felt more and more confident with every tree he felled that he would win.

At regular intervals throughout the day, the noise of trees being felled coming from the other part of the forest would stop. The younger lumberjack took heart from this, knowing that this meant the older lumberjack was taking a rest, whereas he could…

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The Two Lumberjacks

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