The Cloud Chaser

Well it was bound to happen, completely socked in with cloud today and a steady drizzle is keeping everything pretty wet.  Fortunately, the build-up to this was a couple days of beautiful, partially cloudy weather that was just perfect for one of my favourite pastimes that I call “cloud chasing”.  You see, it’s kind of strange, but even with the amount of rain that we get in the city, it seems to me that we just don’t get that many days where we have nice fluffy clouds floating around.  We either have a nice clear blue sky, or overcast grey with no rain, or a day like today where it’s cloudy and rainy.  But a day that’s relatively sunny, with just a few nice big fluffy clouds, seems, at least to me, to be a rarity.  So when we do get one, I grab my camera and head out to see what I can find.

Now this particular cloudy period was good enough to last for two entire days, so I was able to grab quite a few pictures, and it looks like I’ll be dividing this gallery into multiple smaller galleries once again.  That works out quite well for me, however, because then it leaves me time to catch up on my email, and on reading all your wonderful blogs that I’ve let fall behind.  Actually, I was really impressed with just how much reading I was able to catch up on while I was doing that last trilogy, and I kind of made my mind up right then that I would be doing more of them.  I guess we each have to find out what works best for ourselves, since each of us works in a different fashion.  And when I use this style of presentation, I don’t have to ask anybody to go through a gallery of hundreds of pictures, which I’m pretty sure is ridiculous.

Just before we get into the gallery today, I wanted to point out that there’s a couple pictures at least that you may have to click on to get a proper view of.  What happened was, I spotted an eagle while I was looking for clouds.  Technically speaking, I spotted two eagles, but they were both flying very high, and spaced far enough apart that I could never get both of them into a single frame.  When I did manage to capture one or the other of them, they were so high up that they were just barely specks in the picture.  And even when I blew the frames up, it was only in one picture that you can actually tell it’s an eagle, and in a second frame there’s a tiny little blur that sort of has the correct shape.

What’s really important about these two eagles for me, is that they’re one of the very first true signs of spring around here.  Every year, just about at exactly this same time, these two eagles show up flying high above the city.  As the days wear on, however, they’ll start flying a little lower, and a little lower, in their daily appearances.  Finally, they’ll take up residence at the very top of the spire on one of our local churches here in the Downtown Eastside.  At the very top of the spire, in a little flat area, I suppose they built a nest, because they can be seen sitting up there for the next several weeks where they become quite the tourist attraction.  I one time had the awe-inspiring experience of coming up the street that the church is on just in time to see one of those eagles, for whatever reason, standing on the sidewalk in front of the church.  I didn’t even try to get close, as I’m pretty sure that bird stood at least 2 feet tall.  I just stood rock-still until that bird decided to head back to the top of the church.  So of course I have no way of knowing that the birds I took the pictures of yesterday were these exact eagles, but I’m pretty sure they were.  The timing is right, as is the location.  So hopefully, in the coming weeks, I’ll be able to get you some better pictures of these eagles, both in flight, and roosting on top of the church.  For now however, the pictures inside this gallery will have to do.  So let’s get on with it.

And there you have it, I hope you found something enjoyable to look at, and remember, these eagle shots are just to let me know that they’ve arrived in town. Now it’s up to me to hunt them down in a location more conducive to photography. As Sherlock Holmes was so fond of saying to good old Watson, “The game is afoot!” So while I get on with that, I’ll leave you to your own adventures that I will read about a little later, after I get some of this mail caught up, and some errands run. Until next time, everyone stay healthy, and happy, keep up the wonderful blogs, and we’ll see you then.


8 thoughts on “The Cloud Chaser

    1. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open, and since I know where they like to roost, that church just became one of the main focal points of my next few walks. I appreciate the complement on the pictures, coming from you that means a lot. I don’t know what I’d do if I ran into a lion or tiger? 😉


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