More Clouds & Movies

I am so happy that I managed to get a few pictures taken the other day, because once again it is raining cats and dogs out there.  If it wasn’t for those ever-troublesome errands that one always has to run, I would not be leaving the comfort of my little domicile, and you can believe me when I say that it takes a fair amount of rain to stop me from going outside.  But like I already said, I at least don’t have to worry about taking any photographs, because I still have plenty left over from my last little outing, and right now, as I look out my window, a few fluffy clouds and some blue sky is just what I need to cheer me up.

And I’m not even going to talk your ear off today, since I’m sure after yesterday’s rather long introduction, you’re probably pretty tired of listening to me anyway.  Lol.  But there is one thing I wanted to mention, the pictures you see mixed in with these cloud shots and city views, of various trucks and small tents, and people milling about, are actually there for a reason.  I thought you might like to see the kind of thing you have to work your way through every day when you’re walking the streets of a city that has a large movie industry.  It seems that every time you turn a corner in the downtown area, especially the area I live in, you’ll run across one of these crews as they’re getting ready to film a scene for a movie, or perhaps one of the weekly TV series.  They use a lot of the abandoned buildings (as well as some that are occupied) in the neighbourhood for location scenes, and it’s not that unusual to see American police cars flying along the city streets of our Canadian city. So I’m not exactly sure which movie or TV series these guys were setting up for, but I ended up having to walk right through the middle of their set, so I was just lucky that they were only getting things ready for a later shoot. But anyway, if you’ll follow me, the gallery is this way:

And just on a parting note, in case anyone is interested (as they all roll their eyes), yes, there was a time when your’s truly, thanks to a police officer who was a little busy chatting up a member of the movie crew and not paying close enough attention to his job, wandered right into the middle of a movie scene as it was being filmed one dark night a couple blocks from my house. Needless to say, this neither made me any friends with the Director of the piece, nor the actors, and I did not even receive a single complimentary pass to the opening. Such was my 10 minutes of fame. Oh well, see you next time.


2 thoughts on “More Clouds & Movies

  1. It’s great to see more views of your city! And I laughed with you, on reading of your 10 minutes of fame 🙂 It’s finally sunny weather in Tokyo, but they promise more rain next week… It’s a very ‘wet’ winter 😦


    1. The weather’s pretty miserable here today also, but I’ve still got some more photos for tomorrow, so I’m OK for at least another day. It’s getting so bad with the movie crews here that I’m surprised it only happened to me once. Lol.


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