As Evening Arrives

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to try and have something different for you here today, and I try to stay good to my word.  And since the weather was pretty crappy again most of the day and I was pretty much stuck indoors, I thought I would take a little more time with my dinner then I usually do, and since I’ve never done such a thing before, I thought I’d snap a few pictures as I was preparing it.  Now I’m no chef or anything, so you’re not gonna get any great recipe about how to prepare all this stuff, but it’s all really basic, and I’m sure just following the pictures, you can figure out what I did with it all if I just point out one or two things.  First of all, the appliance I used was my trusty slow cooker, and once all the ingredients were chopped and added into the slow cooker in the following order -meat, potatoes, vegetables, broth, – I let it slow-cook on high for 2 hours. Second, the broth is approx. 1 1/2 cups boiling water, 1 bullion cube (your choice of flavor), salt, pepper, chili peppers, Italian seasoning, 1 1/2 tblspns Apple Cider, Virgin Olive Oil w Basil and Dried Tomatoes. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory according to the pictures, and it was delicious. And then the rain stopped. So…

With all these pictures of bright sunny days that I’ve been showing in these last three galleries, I thought you might be getting the idea that we don’t have a nighttime in Vancouver.  What the real problem is, is that this little camera of mine doesn’t do the best job of shooting pictures at night, and I have to go through quite a few shots before I get a sufficient number that are of decent enough quality to make up a gallery.  Basically, what the process involves, is finding something to take a shot of that contains enough ambient light of its own so that I don’t have to use the camera’s flash, and then managing to overcome the built-in jitter of my own hyperactive little body long enough to take a picture that doesn’t look like it was taken in the 60s on a bad acid trip. Lol.

So since the rain had finally let up, I decided to take a little stroll downtown, and along the way, just after the sun went down, I snapped a few pictures on the edge of one of the parks close to my place, and then several more pictures once I got into the downtown area proper. Like I said, I had to shoot quite a few before I managed to get enough to make the following gallery, and even then, the gallery isn’t as large as many of the ones that I’ve put out before.  But it does give you a little look at the downtown area, and the evening shots of the park turned out okay also (and there are of course, the shots of my dinner).  It was actually kind of quiet downtown, and I suppose the rain had a lot to do with that, considering it was a Saturday evening, and Saturdays are usually quite insane on Granville Mall, which is where most of the shots were taken. And now, if you’re ready, allow me to present, a pleasant dinner, and then a quiet evening stroll, in Vancouver.

So there you have it, dinner, and a stroll, witty conversation, and back home by midnight. Now you know where us Canadians got our reputation for being gentlemen. Hopefully you enjoyed yourself, and didn’t get too wet in the process. So stay healthy, and safe, keep writing, and we’ll see you soon.


9 thoughts on “As Evening Arrives

  1. gaiainaction says:

    That’s real interesting David. I like your night time city photos, great shots. Your idea of taking pics of your cooking is great and of interest to many people I am sure, loved them.


    1. You must mean my carnival experiences, no circus people in this family 😉 You have to remember that the things that went on in that carnival ended up getting those Shows kicked out of Canada, never to return (this is basically a family-oriented Blog) 🙂 , and myself almost along with them before the judge discovered that I was Canadian. But I’m sure I’ll fit in a few of the stories one of these days.


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