Trout Lake Part 1

Well, it seems that neither this flu-bug, nor this fog and rain wants to let up around here, so its time to break out the secret weapon. After living here for 36 years or so, and knowing full well that it’s quite possible to get stuck in one of these weather ruts from time to time, I’ve made it a habit to take extra advantage of bright sunny weather when I’m taking pictures, and storing a few away, just so that I can break up the grey monotony with some nice sunny photos whenever I get close to hitting my limit with the following type of view out my 7th-story window.

So a couple weeks ago, when I could still remember what it felt like to breathe properly, and this invisible elephant wasn’t parked on my chest, I got the notion to take a stroll through one of my old neighborhoods, and visit Trout Lake, which is an old wetlands area that the city grew up around. Not wanting a bog in the middle of the city, the people got together, and draining much of the wetlands, they turned it into a park area surrounding a nice little lake that offers swimming, model boat sailing, and even fishing for seniors and children. Even back then, however, the people in charge had the foresight to save a large portion of the bog area as a bird habitat, and by adding boardwalks that allow a person to walk right out into the marsh areas, it serves as a real educational aid for those who wish to see the intricacies of a wetland up close (without getting wet, or sinking out of sight). If you pay close enough attention, you might even spot one of the turtles that inhabit the area, although two weeks ago when I was there, I suspect they were still hibernating. Another wonderful aspect of Trout Lake Park are the trees. Something about wetlands apparently is conducive to growing some pretty gnarly trees, which are very cool to see.

Now I have some good news and some bad. The good news is I got lots of nice sunny pictures to share with you, so if your weather is anything like mine, I’m fully prepared to give you a little break from it. The bad news (and really it’s not that bad) is that I enjoyed myself so much walking through my old neighborhood (I’ve been living in an apartment so long I forgot that some people live in houses, and have yards and stuff) that I also took a ton of pictures on my way to the park, and that’s what takes up this first gallery, so you won’t actually see Trout Lake until tomorrow. But I wanted to tell you about it today, so I would have more room for pictures tomorrow. And for today, allow me to present, my old neighborhood, just off Commercial Drive, before reaching Trout Lake.

And there you have it, my old neighborhood. Now, I don’t expect you enjoyed it as much as I did, considering I had all that nostalgia thing working for me and everything, but I do hope you found one or two pictures that you liked. Tomorrow, it’s all Trout Lake, and you should find that a little more interesting, a lot more if Nature is your kind of thing. So in the meantime, try and stay healthier than yours truly, stay safe, and keep on writing, or taking pictures, or whatever it is that makes your Blog what it is, and I’ll read you later.


11 thoughts on “Trout Lake Part 1

    1. I don’t usually stay down even this long, so I’m pretty sure this little bug is soon to be heading out. And as I now start the next part of the Trout Lake Gallery, it will take my mind off of the flu, and hopefully I’ll feel even better. Thanks for the good wishes.


  1. Beautiful, Brian, beautiful! And I cannot ever get bored with any of your pictures, since I am a cloud watcher myself. And your nostalgia is seeping through to me. And that invisible pachyderm all snuggled up on your chest is getting on my nerves! Too much interference in this world, so I’m turning up the volume of that flu-bug-busting beam. 🙂 Take care, my brother. Leon


    1. I feel certain, my brother Leon, that said elephant shall not be able to withstand your mighty beam much longer, for even now I feel him moving around a lot as his slumber is definitely being disturbed. I managed to get out of bed for a while yesterday, and I’m up again today, so he must be getting the message that it’s time he moved along. In the meantime, I appreciate all your effort, but you also must not tire yourself out, lest my unwanted visitor merely leaves here to take up residence in your part of the world. You be careful now, and thanks again.

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      1. Bless you Brian, you give me such good laughs with your descriptions!
        Actually we have 42 deaths in our small Greece already, the number of people getting the flu here will be on the rise for weeks to come, and being the wounded healer that I am, energy balancing is indeed one of my lessons in this lifetime, so thank you for your spot-on thoughtful advice. Be well always.


    1. Your words are very kind. Upon reading your wonderful phrase “jaunt of nostalgia” I am certain I found myself able to breathe much easier. Thank-you very much, and have an absolutely wonderful day.

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