The Other Half


9 thoughts on “The Other Half

    1. Thank-you for saying so, but I’m of the opinion that your mere presence at my humble blog always ups the “Serenity” factor by at least 200%. I shall have to stop by your place and see what you’ve been up to during my latest absence. See you then, and thanks again.

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      1. Yes pleeaasseee! Do drop by. 🙂
        I think it’s sort of fascinating that every time while I navigate through wordpress and my mind notices your absence, you come back with a post! 😀

        It’s weird but in a very good way.

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      2. I’m never that far away, and not to sound like a stalker or anything, but you and your page are in my thoughts quite often when I’m thinking blog-related stuff. You always manage to lift my spirits, and that’s an awesome gift.

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    1. Spring certainly is here in full bloom (a whole two weeks ahead of its usual schedule), and we’re all loving it. Thanks for noticing, and I hope you are enjoying some of the same.

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