Love In Ten Lines

A dear friend of mine, Leon, over at “Solitary Thinkers“, asked me to join him in a challenge he accepted a while back, and though I usually turn down nominations for awards (my attendance at this blog is pretty sporadic these days as I’m sure many of you have noticed), because the subject matter of the challenge was one that I feel strongly should always be given as much of our energy as we can afford, I decided to join him in this particular endeavor. 

The main idea actually intrigued me because it gives the person who attempts the challenge not only something a little more difficult to do than simply name ten other names, but also a great reason to spend a little time thinking about the most powerful and beautiful force in the entire world, love. What they have to do is write ten lines about love. The catch is, each line has to have only 4 words, and the word love has to appear in each line.

The rest of the rules:

4) Title the post, Love in Ten Lines.
5) End the post with your favorite quote on love.
6) Nominate about ten others who are up for the challenge, and
7) let them know about the challenge.

So first of all, for better or worse, my poem.

For Love I called

To Love I cried

For inside of Love

Does true Love abide

Love knows no fear

Nor can Love end

For one true Love

Can Love all men

And women will Love

And Love them again.

Alright, alright, now you know why I take pictures. Lol. So, for my nominees. Just before we get into this let me say, I’ve done my best not to include any of you people who (like myself usually) don’t accept nominations, but mistakes happen. However, it doesn’t really matter because I won’t be offended by anyone who chooses not to carry on by nominating others, or even by those who choose not to participate by writing a poem. The fact is I’m just not the most popular blogger around and I simply don’t know that many other bloggers to nominate. Those I do pick, I pick because I think they deserve it, and I’ll still think they deserve it whether they participate or not. So feel free to join in or not, I’ll still love you anyway. If you ask Leon, he’ll probably tell you that that’s what this whole challenge is about anyway. And on the other hand, if I have missed anyone who would really like to try this challenge, I’m only going to nominate 8 people, so feel free to make use of one of the available slots that I failed to use. If you do make use of one of those slots, however, please follow the rest of the rules as they appear in this or one of the earlier postings related to this challenge. Whew! Now for my nominees (in no particular order of preference).

  1. Akansha @ “Brooding In The Tepid Dusk
  2. My favorite Momma these days @ “A Momma’s View
  3. Christine @ “Before Sundown
  4. Everyone’s favorite doctor @ “Behind The White Coat
  5. My good buddy Amanda @ “insidethelifeofmoi
  6. Patty @ “Petite Magique
  7. Heather @ “The Starting End
  8. Takami @ “T Ibara Photo

 And finally, my favorite quote on the subject of love. It consists of only two words and some people will be upset by them, and others may not agree with their relevance to this particular topic. But it is my entry, so I get to pick, and if I put anything else here, it would be a falsehood, and that would be unfair to my friend who thought of me when very few others would have.  So just before I put them down, let me thank Leon once again, and apologize now if any of my nominees are going to be bothered by my notifications when they arrive. A great big OOPS, sorry bout that. And we’ll see everybody next time.

“Jesus wept.”      (John 11:35)

Love In Ten Lines

21 thoughts on “Love In Ten Lines

    1. Thank-you. The structural constraints sort of imposed themselves in ways that made the writing quite interesting. All-in-all, it was a fun exercise and I’m betting a really talented poet could have an interesting day or two trying different things. You must be very happy as the warm weather is now taking over and everything is growing. I even managed to get some shots of a couple of eagles over the last week. A great time of the year. You take care now, and thanks for taking the time to comment.


      1. No, I haven’t posted them yet, so you’ll still get a chance to see them (unfortunately, the detail leaves something to be desired). They are recognizable, however.

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    1. Thanks for the nice words, and I guess since you did this a while back you don’t really need to be notified that you are one of my nominees this time around. Oh well, at least I thought of you and you would have known that earlier, but I’ve been off-line so much lately, would you believe I’ve forgotten how to send a proper link in a comment. Lol. I’ve been trying to get one to work all morning. Anyway, thanks again, and I’ll have to find something else to nominate my favorite Doctor for.

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      1. Considering my love of photography doctor, your eloquence is extremely well spoken for. The photos that accompany your articles very often capture my attention not just for seconds, but for minutes at a time, and on more occasions than I can count, for return visits of equal duration. Your pictures have built within me a desire to see so many locations in this vast world of ours, and they have satisfied that desire in lieu of the travel that I know to be out of my reach. The quality of the images also inspires me to strive for an excellence that I realize is beyond the scope of my equipment, but a goal that by striving for, has caused me to exceed what I most likely ever would have acheved otherwise.

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      2. I don’t really use anything special. A simple, almost ten year old Canon SLR or my smart phone, and I only rarely edit. That being said, you do a marvelous job with your photography and I am tickled to death that you enjoy mine in any way. Thank you! 🙂

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      3. I’m very happy to see that you are another of my favorite picture-takers who doesn’t get all wrapped up in “post-production”. Have a great day.

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  1. Thank you very much for your nomination, kind sir 🙂 I am sincerely flattered.
    Unfortunately I don’t participate in the awards process, and cringe at the thought of having to – gasp – write something, but hope you know I appreciate it! It’s the greatest award if folks enjoy some of my photos, so I do hope you’ll continue to stop by when time permits!

    Regarding post-processing, I also keep it to the minimum and in most cases try to avoid it. I understand & appreciate that it’s considered a required skill in digital photography, and I admire those who can use Photoshop like it’s nothing. But considering that most of my favourite subjects are animals/things in the ‘natural world’ I like to portray them in as ‘natural’ a manner as possible 😀

    Best wishes,

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    1. Once again I find myself on the same page as you since I always try and keep the post-processing to as much of a minimum as possible. It’s great or those who can do it I guess, but for myself, I’d rather just take another shot if at all possible.


  2. David, what a wonderful, thoughtful write up of the Love Challenge. Even though I completed one recently as Victo did, I’ll work on this one and try to come up with something creative. It will be a few weeks as I’m starting a two week vacation this week. I will use photos and verse, I can promise you that. Thank you for thinking of me with this nomination. Christine
    Here’s the one I recently completed:

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    1. Thank you for the nice words and I shall be heading over to check out you earlier entry right away. It seems a couple of my nominees were doubles, but I suspect that has something to do with the quality of the people themselves. Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday and a safe return.

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  3. Dearest David,

    The purity of your emotions is disarming, your combination of warmly innocent humor and soaring spirituality so comforting and uplifting!

    I have a few superlatives to offer you in all honesty.

    This is the most poetic response to this simple-looking challenge I have enjoyed. Your perfect tempo and rhyming with such few words is quite a feat, achievable by most only in eight or twelve lines. You organized it into two quadriverses and one biverse, and this last one initially tickled me, like sweet Aggie, into playful amusement, but then I felt that the rhyme trapped you into using “again” where you would have preferred “back”, and somewhere between the lines I heard you saying on behalf of all of us, “Sorry, I’m just a guy, I admit my inadequacy to initiate this high vibration, so I can only respond to the loving authority of the Feminine”. Ingenious, any way one sees it. And your quadriverses are amazingly philosophical to me.

    Also, yours is the most concise and the wisest quote any incarnate being could correlate with Love. “Jesus wept” moves me to my core because it really says it all. For everyone to feel its absolute relevance to our mortal existence, I offer these words of Mother Theresa’s: “I have found the paradox that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love”.

    Sending loving prayers your way, my cherished friend.

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    1. Leon, I am truly humbled by your exceedingly generous evaluation of my modest efforts at fulfilling the challenge you were kind enough to include me in, and I thank you for the words that must surely help make it a little easier to risk putting myself out there the next time I am asked. I really can’t explain to people how hard it is for myself to participate in this type of thing, and I know it’s pretty ridiculous that someone my age should still suffer from such a degree of shyness, so I can only thank you for emanating such a quality of trust and friendship that I was able to overcome the obstacles, and just focus on having a good time with the challenge as you presented it. Thank-you once again my friend.

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      1. David, you don’t need to be explaining anything. We connect in the most naturally beautiful of ways, those of us who know we are ageless Light. I feel you as a childhood friend of mine, this is why you had a good time, and you must know that you help me overcome insane obstacles myself. I thank You.

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