8 Months, 126 posts, and 10,000 Views

First of all, I would like to give a great big thank-you to each and every one of you wonderful people who on one occasion or another have taken time out of your busy lives to stop by and say hi here at Vancouver Visions. It truly was heartwarming yesterday when I realized that in just over 8 months of running this blog, the 126 articles I posted had been viewed just over 10,000 times. Considering the difficulties I’ve had in my life interacting with people at any level, for myself at least, that’s a pretty impressive feat. So once again, thank-you very much, and I hope you’ve found at least something worth seeing during one of your visits here. Which brings me to today’s actual topic.

These pictures that are about to follow may not be up to my usual standards and I wanted to explain why. The reason I concentrate so much on Landscapes is that I have a major problem photographing moving objects due to vision problems. On the other hand, I love taking pictures of birds and other wildlife. If I can get the bird perched, it’s fine, but flying is another matter altogether.

You see, when I use my viewfinder, I have to wear my reading glasses. To see things more than 3 feet away, however, I have to take my glasses off. So to spot the eagle which is the subject of the following set of pictures, I first have to have my glasses off. Then, once I’ve spotted it, I need to make a mental note of it’s location, put on my glasses, get the camera up to my eye, locate the bird (who is never where he was before I put my glasses on) again, and if I’m lucky enough to locate it a second time, then I need to focus and shoot. I would say I actually locate the bird a second time about once out of every 6-7 tries. So in  the end, the shots I did get yesterday were not perfect, but I thought they were better than my last attempt, and showing them is sort of my way of documenting the progress I’m making in this particular endeavor. (I added a couple landscapes just to balance things out.) If you’ll be patient with me, I still think I’ll overcome the obstacles and get some really clear shots of this guy, or one of his relatives, before this site gets its next 10,000 views. Have a great day.


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