Flowers and Butterfly

It was a rather peaceful day today, and the tranquility of the day seems to have slipped right into the pictures that I took. Mainly flowers from my friend Ava’s garden which is just now starting to come into nice bloom, and then as a nice bonus, a few pictures of a pretty little visitor to the garden who showed up at just the right time. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Butterfly In Ava's Garden 3

Butterfly In Ava's Garden 2

Butterfly In Ava's Garden


12 thoughts on “Flowers and Butterfly

    1. Thank-you Natalie, it was just one of those times when everything came together at the right time, in the right place, and in the right amounts, including both the talent and the luck (you’ll notice I’m not venturing an opinion as to which played the bigger part). Lol.

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  1. I suspect the talent of the man behind the camera had much more sway than luck! I added a song to this playlist: Dog and Butterfly by Heart. It has the same vibe as these lovely photographs! (((winged))) hugs to you.

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    1. I used to love the Wilson sisters. re they still playing? I have their Dreamboat Annie Disc. I’ll have to check if I’ve ever had them on my playlists, and if not, I’ll have to remedy that. Thanks for the heads-up. And thank-you for all the lovely comments today, I’m blushing as I type (it must be the hugs).

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      1. Not sure if the Wilson sisters are still making new music or touring, I just happen to love that song and thought of it as I was looking at your photographs. We solitary types have to give and get our hugs when we can. :o)


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