Flowers From The Industrial Side

Walking around one of the more industrialized areas of the City a while back, I remember thinking how amazing it was that even out there among the overgrown fields and back-lots of old warehouses, I had absolutely no trouble finding beautiful gardens, and flowers growing without even the benefit of a garden. And when I didn’t have the beauty of the flowers to keep me occupied, there was great street-art on the warehouses themselves, and the views of the city in the distance on top of everything else. In no time at all, I had forgotten that it was threatening to rain on me while I was busy snapping shots of everything in sight. I figured I’d show you some of the flowers today, and save the graffiti for another time (one entire two-block long stretch of warehouses were decorated with scenes of Vancouver landmarks that must have been the result of some sort of organized competition back in the day). So for now, here we go.


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