An Evening Walk By The Marina

Sometimes in the evenings, when the weather is nice, I like to walk along the Seawall, in through Yaletown, down to the marina, getting some shots of my favorite buildings along the way, and then the boats in the harbor before I turn around and make my way back. It’s a completely different vibe than that which I get during the day, and it really is a totally relaxing feeling. You can actually sense the winding down of the City’s energy on the week-day evenings that I usually pick for one of these excursions, and when I’m shooting the pictures of the buildings, they almost feel abandoned. It’s not really a bad feeling or anything, but there’s almost a quiet sadness to it, like the City is wondering where all its children are hiding, and what happened to all the hustle-bustle that was going on just a couple hours before. I always want to reassure it that it will be happening again in just a few hours more.


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