Flowers of the Rainbow

While walking on the east side of the city a while back, the last day of April to be exact, I was quite surprised to see such a large assortment of flowers already in bloom in a couple of the gardens I passed. It wasn’t just the number of flowers that caught my attention. What really interested me was the brilliant colors decorating the blooms I saw considering the calendar was just barely edging its way into the month of March. I’m fully aware that we have flowers year-round in this beautiful province of ours (thanks to the temperate climate) but I have found over the years that the earliest blooming blossoms are also usually the less colorful ones. I used to think that perhaps this had to do with the fact that there were less bees and other critters around during the cooler weather that could be attracted by the showy display of brilliantly-colored flowers, and up to this point in my life, I’ve been given no reason to change that opinion. I mean, why put on your best tuxedo if all the girls are at the bar checking out the local male strippers? Anyway, I may have to change that opinion, because even though we were having our usual cool weather back then, and I distinctly recall the normal absence of bees and flies and all the usual suspects, those flowers were dressed as gaily as any that I have seen since, or any that I expect to see in the coming weeks. So as far as my crop of home-made scientific theories go, it’s back to the drawing board. But at least you get to look at a couple of the flowers that I’m referring to, and you can judge for yourself if this is appropriate winter-wear. While you’re doing that, however, you must promise to remember that most important rule of all,… “No white socks before Labor Day!”


8 thoughts on “Flowers of the Rainbow

    1. Like you, I find that a little beauty goes a long way in curing the many sadnesses that so often plague this world we share. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures.


    1. Actually, as far as DSLR’s go, mine is the cheapest entry-level camera that Nikon makes, and even that stretched my budget to the breaking point. Despite it being their lowest quality model, however, I have been in love with it from the day I brought it home. So i guess it’s all relative, and I certainly have no complaints. Especially after getting the occasional comment as lovely as the one that I just replied to, and for which I thank you from the bottom of my very grateful heart.

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