Still Strolling

So continuing with the same stroll on which I discovered that beautifully colorful garden that you saw in my previous post, I ended up passing by First Beach, and continued on all the way through English Bay and Second Beach right on into Stanley Park (did I ever mention that I really like to walk). So what we have today is a few shots taken along that path, and I guess I’ll have to finish it up tomorrow since these shots leave us stumbling around somewhere in the thicker bush areas around Lost Lagoon. Don’t worry though, I almost always manage to find my way out of here sooner or later, sooner if it gets near supper time.


8 thoughts on “Still Strolling

  1. I have to get ready for work, but couldn’t resist commenting šŸ™‚
    These are simply gorgeous! I can almost feel the sea breeze, smell the scents of the forest. A huge Thank You for making my morning. I look forward to going over each photo slowly later tonight.
    Best wishes as always!!

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    1. I have been feeling fine for quite some time now. I suspect this beautiful spring and now summer has had a lot to do with it among other things such as hearing from you. I hope you are well also and that your summer is turning into a good one.


    1. I really wasn’t aware of that, but now that I am, I think it answers a couple of unasked questions I’ve had lingering in my mind. I think I may have noticed some effects of the kind you mention, and I say this as a person who has been exposed to looking at a lot more green this year than in year’s past. Whatever the case may be, thank-you for mentioning it.


      1. It could certainly account for why city-dwellers appear at times to be plagued by so many more medical disorders than their rural counterparts. Of course, I might be making an Illusory correlation as an old professor of mine was fond of warning his students against. : )


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