My Fuzzy New Friends

Just before I introduce you to a new friend I made back in May, I wanted to show you something that I really don’t know for certain if I’ve ever shown you before or not. I do know for certain that I’ve explained in the past that I basically have no real talent when it comes to the art of drawing. If you asked me to draw you a dog, or a horse, or a house for that matter, I would be pretty much at a loss even trying to figure out where to begin, and to steal a concept from a comedian who is having his own problems these days, the fact is that those things I just mentioned attempting to draw would end up all having one thing in common, and that is that when I was finished, they would probably all look like ash-trays. (The comedian I mentioned was Bill Cosby who said that everything he ever made in shop class was so bad that when people asked him what the items were, he just added two grooves in them and said they were ashtrays.) Anyway, even though I can’t draw, what I can do, is follow directions (something a lot of men would rather not admit to for some strange reason). And if you can follow directions, you can do some pretty amazing things. For instance…

Leonardo Da Vinci apparently autopsied a human body back in the days when the church was still powerful enough that such an activity could have got Leo in a heap of serious trouble. The reason he did so was so that he could draw the human body even better since he would understand the underlying structures that dictated the subtle shaping of the visible skin above. The part of all this that interested me was that Leonardo first of all took extremely detailed measurements of each and every muscle and organ of the body, plus their relationships to each other, and he also wrote them down in a form that has survived to our present day. Did I mention that I love following directions?

Anyway, I did start with the head, but you’ll only have my word for it that the result of drawing measured lines that corresponded to the Master’s measurements, did indeed result in a very reasonable facsimile of a head. The problem was I tried to add a face and destroyed the head in the process. But starting from where the head left off, I once again picked up my Pen and Black Ink, my compass and my ruler, and with no model, only Da Vinci’s measurements and relationships, this is the Torso that this non-artist managed to come up with all those long years ago.

Human Torso

I did manage to do one leg and part of the other, and then for some reason, the series never got finished. Perhaps a black-out period. Who knows. Anyway, I just thought it was kind of neat how detailed Mr. Da Vinci’s notes were to enable a person with no artistic or medical training to make use of them in this fashion.

But now, after all this talk about autopsies, and dead bodies and stuff, never let it be said that I would leave my favorite people on such a down note. No sir, not me. I mentioned earlier I made a new friend back in May. Well, actually, it was several new friends, and they really don’t need a whole lot of introduction from me other than to say I met them up at Lost Lagoon, which I walk by on my way home from Stanley Park when I’m up there shooting pictures. And what better way to put a capper on a day of photographic pleasantries than this. And other than that, well, I guess the rest of the story, if there is one, is in the titles of each of the pictures.

One final shot for all you flower lovers out there…

Orange Lilly



10 thoughts on “My Fuzzy New Friends

  1. Oh, oh, the drawing is exquisite! Who would imagine that you’re a ‘non-artist’?
    I think, the truly great ‘masters’ are those who enable others to to experience similar joys of their craft: art, photography, dance, sport, etc. And at the risk of sounding cliche, I think we all have creativity inside us 🙂

    The photos of your new fuzzy friends. Ah, words cannot do them justice. Not to mention, I’d sound foolish with all my ooh-ing and ahh-ing. I love them all, and of course the final shot of the gorgeous flower. Thank you so much for making my morning. Cheers from rainy Tokyo!

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    1. Hopefully the rain you are getting now will make way for some nice hot weather throughout the main part of the summer when it really counts and you won’t have to worry about droughts because of the early-season moisture. Try and have a good day despite the weather, and I’ll look for some extra-sunny pictures for tomorrow.


    1. They certainly did brighten my afternoon that day, and I still don’t think I can imagine anything else that ever looks quite so fluffy and soft as one of those little rascals.

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  2. Wow, your pen and ink drawing is wonderful. Indeed, what gifts dear Leonardo left all of us! I am fascinated by your ability to draw in the way you do.

    Those little rascals are so precious and sweet. The adult seems more indulgent than I am use to them being and that warms my heart to know you were trusted to get so near to the babies. Thank you so much for sharing the photos! (((hugs)))

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    1. I was just as surprised as you, half expecting to be assaulted by a couple very indignant Canadian Geese at any moment. Lol. Perhaps, like most proud parents, they were just happy to see their children drawing so much good-natured attention.

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