Marathon Walk Part Two

So on the second part of the walk I began documenting in my last post, I wandered into one of the community gardens that are set up in various locations throughout Vancouver, so that any city-dwellers with a rural itch can find a place to scratch it. There are quite a number of these locations popping up, several in my own area, and lately I’ve been considering taking advantage of one of them myself. For now, however, I’ve just been checking out a few of them (gathering intel you might say). The community gardens in these pictures you are about to see are located in Vancouver’s West End, at the corner of Burrard and Davie Streets, and that places them within a couple blocks of those buildings you were looking at in the pictures in the previous post. And for any of you out there who have a competitive streak, all these pictures show the state of the individual plants on May 3rd. Not being a gardener myself, I have no idea whether that’s good development, bad, or average.


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