An Interlude and New Photography Site

Just before I carry on with the huge marathon walk that I have been highlighting in the last two posts, and which may yet have one or two more posts required to complete (it was a long walk), I thought I would take a break and share with you a collection I put together of some of my older shots that I am using as a sort of introduction to my work for a new site that I have been visiting lately called YouPic. This particular site is a dedicated photographic site, with a pretty strong European flavor, though the entire globe is fairly well represented by photographers ranging in skill all the way from beginners to full-out professionals. If you have any interest in seeing some really amazing photography, or if you have the desire to have your photography reach a really large audience really quickly (I’ve had 16,338 Views in 13 days, garnering 1,214 Favorites, and other artists have re-posted pictures of mine in their feeds, 403 times) then I really do recommend you give YouPic a try.


13 thoughts on “An Interlude and New Photography Site

  1. Just a small ABC of gratitude.
    A. Stunning images, David! Your older shots are just as wonderful as your newer ones. Plutonia, too, saw and really admired these flowers and congratulates you. You also exemplify here how an artistically dull photograph can be most moving; my heart goes out to the precious Indian people and their descendants.
    B. So good to see Mr. Fielden here among your likers!
    C. An amazing site, indeed, to be enriched with the work of a Canadian whom I am honored to call my friend and Brother.

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    1. Your messages always leave me feeling so good, and I’m left wondering just what I can do to lighten the load I know that you (and surely all your compatriots) are carrying these days. It just shouldn’t be, and I send the best thoughts that I can continually in your direction hoping that the newer ones will push the previous ones that much faster and add that much more weight to them when they arrive. There are times that I think we just have it too easy in this country and I worry about the day when things need to be balanced out.

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      1. Thank you so very much, David, for being aware of the desperate down spiral of our country. Your natural sense of justice and your best thoughts are balm for our souls and moving the aether. Let us not be fueling their destructive plans with worry. Please keep relishing each moment of your life; keep uplifting our humanity. My gratitude is with you always.

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    1. I think you already have. That’s where I got that link I sent you a while back with the other pictures of big cats on it. Anyway, it really is worth taking a look at if you have the time (I know how busy we all are). You have a great day.


      1. And I am certainly glad you did. Your comments always make the posts worthwhile and it was silly of me to think you had forgotten the earlier link. Hopefully you’ll chalk it up to my advancing age rather than my declining manners. Lol.


      2. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        I don’t mean to advertise on your lovely site, but just wanted to mention – instead of complaining about the rainy season, I decided to go out and snap some photos of the Hydrangea blossoms πŸ™‚

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      3. You are always welcome to talk about, or advertise, or do whatever you wish on my site Takami. I have no fear whatsoever that whatever you choose to do, it will always be in your usual exquisitely-good taste, with more class than anyone could ever hope for. And that’s why you are on my A-list in the first place. Now, I’m off to find those Hydrangea blossoms.


    1. I shall have to pass that comment on to Ava (who I was just speaking to about 5 minutes ago). Thank-you for taking the time to comment, it is always appreciated.


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