Short But Sweet

It’s been a busy week-end here at “Paley’s Place”, and I almost decided not to post at all, and then I found just enough time to type these simple words and add a few pictures that I’ve had hanging around here since last May. So here we go, and I promise I’ll be back to my usual verbose self the next time we speak. I hope everybody had a great week-end, and at least one that was a little less hectic than mine. See you next time.


4 thoughts on “Short But Sweet

    1. Most of that particular litter was driftwood, and I can certainly live with that since I have a great love of driftwood, but I certainly know of the type of litter of which you show concern, and unfortunately, we do have our share of that kind also. Hopefully, as more and more people become concerned for the welfare of this planet we all share, that type of litter will become less and less in evidence, and finally a thing of the past altogether.

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      1. Oh, thank God then, anyway, I like how you mount your images together. I like to follow mostly photographers, but I also have poets who I follow because I write poems also; but not as often as I shoot images. Well, be well,


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