Buildings of Vancouver

First of all, my apologies if I have missed answering any e-mail from anyone, but my computer has been out of commission for a couple days while I installed a solid-state drive in it, and then made a bunch of adjustments to the organization of my programs and files. Actually I’m still not quite finished, but I’ve got things back in order enough that I thought I could get out a new post, and maybe catch up on some of this backed-up mail this morning. Then I’ll probably be disappearing for roughly another day or two, and then everything should be just fine. Thanks for all the patience.

For the posting today, I thought I would share with you the reason for so many of my evening walks on which I get a lot of the pictures you see on my regular posts. Even though I include a fair number of skyline shots in my postings, one thing I tend to avoid because I’m not sure they will be of interest to anyone other than myself are shots of individual buildings here in Vancouver. Of this type of shot I have a large number because I am developing what I call my “Buildings of Vancouver Series” which features the individual office or residential towers I come across in my travels. Having worked in the construction field a number of years in my life in jobs as diverse as laborer, hazardous-materials handler, and first-aid attendant, I’ve always had a love for the buildings that are the final result of the organized chaos of any construction site. And today, along with a couple other miscellaneous pictures, I’ve decided to share some of those results with you. (The one shot of the concrete plant shown in the negative view seemed to me to look better that way. Lol.)


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