New Brighton Park

Hello. I figured since I was coming at you with a brand new hard-drive installed in my computer, I should also bring to you a whole new set of pictures. So, for today, we have a set of shots I took from my first visit to New Brighton Park, which is located down by the shore of the Burrard Inlet on Vancouver’s West Side, close to the 2nd Narrows Bridge, and looking across the water at some of the industry located on the shores of North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and The District of North Vancouver. There is the Cargill plant, a huge multinational concern with head offices in the United States and some pretty large concerns here in British Columbia, and there is Lynnterm Terminals, a huge loading and unloading spot, as well as a storage area for Forest Products, and Steel Products, and also general cargo. I suspect the income from these two companies alone could support a small country, and that’s just a couple of the concerns located on the North Shore. Of course, money is not my concern, these pictures are:


9 thoughts on “New Brighton Park

  1. Thank you David! What a lovely cloudy-day set of pictures you offer us here!
    And did you actually hear this USO sing any complex melodies, or was it more of a chirper? Because it looks like a humble sparrow relative to me, this Unidentified Singing Object of yours 🙂

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    1. No, he was doing a fair amount more than chirping, although I agree with your opinion on his similar appearance to our sparrows which are indeed very populous here in Vancouver. Of course, he might have had a very small MP3 player tucked under one of those wings of his. You never know these days. These youngsters (of all species) are quite clever you know, and it probably wouldn’t be the first case of “beak-syncing” caught on camera. Lol.

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      1. You sure did, and your good work is much appreciated and needed. We have very dangerous political developments going on here, we get pushed towards the cliff even more manically after the dramatic announcements that exploded just three hours ago, but no fear, my Brother; please trust that I don’t get caught up in evil illusions. Everything is so much brighter because we are in each other’s prayers.

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      2. In my prayers you will remain, and all their evil plans will yet come to naught, for the deepest darkness can do nothing but flee at the tiniest hint of light. I believe it was Mr. Einstein who once pointed out to a professor of his that there is no such thing as darkness, there is only an absence of light. As long as good men maintain the light, darkness cannot exist.

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