Some Quick Snaps

Well, the heat-wave finally broke here in Vancouver, and looking out my window, I can see overcast skys, and streets wet with fresh rain. I suspect there is a smiling face to go along with each and every one of those raindrops as 4000+ people consider the possibility of moving back into their homes now that the firefighters have a chance to get some of these wildfires under control, and here in the city people consider the possibility of simply being able to breath again. As far as the gallery goes today, it’s still just a small one, but now that we’re back to normal temperatures, hopefully the galleries will also get back to normal over the next few days. Take care, and we’ll see you later.


2 thoughts on “Some Quick Snaps

    1. Well, we had two days of rain and nice cool temperatures, and i woke up today to find myself back in the heat. But that’s OK, since the two-day break and the moisture was just what we needed, and now we’re ready to get back to summer.


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